Thursday, July 2, 2015

Agent 86 Proovides a Wry Time Line - Forensics for Arithmetically Challenged

Outraged, Agent 86 said, "Hobie is a liar, the so-called bills due by the tenth are actually $400 for the server due on the 15th, once again Rapacious Raye imposes her 250% markup. On a more positive note, they failed to meet their $3000 grifting goal by $143.00. I guess that means Rayelan scraped by on a mere $6857.00 last month."

Due by the 10th (Note:  Server payment is due by the 15th)  - $400.00
    (Note accustomed 250% markup by the Fabulous Rayelan.) 

But failure marked the Month of June in a way never to be forgotten.  Hobie (Jeff Gordon) and Rayelan ( No-Pants Darlene Rae Smith) failed to make their 'goal' of $3,000 to augment the sadly inadequate regular income enjoyed by Rayelan from her own sources by $143.00)

Last month Rayelan scraped by on only $6,857.00.  None of this would be spent on medical as that is covered 100% by the coverage from her deceased husband, David Kooker.  

I ask you.  Do any Readers have face this kind of a struggle? 



  1. No struggle like that. I had to take back a bike inner tube 4.96 back to WallyWorld Tuesday in order to eat! I had bought two when we only needed one.

    found at BIN-

    1. Rapacious Rayelan would have just bought a new bike or two, one to ride, one for the storage locker.

    2. America sure has changed for all of us, hasn't it? Thanks for your comment - and for the youtube. - Melinda