Saturday, July 25, 2015

Pathetic, despite scamming $2986 from gullible readers for July, Rayescam cannot afford to pay $80.00 for Jeep part, let the begging begin

Agent 86, the begging never really ends  The Whining Champion of the World carefully does not use the names of the places where she has, for years, taken her Jeep for repairs.  But none of them had locked yards, that I know.  

My Jeep Needs Help
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 25-Jul-2015 16:28:26

The Jeep died on me. My mechanic was able to get it running and take it to the man from whom he buys the parts. It's parked in his locked yard right now while I raise $80.00 to buy the part. I don't know if my friend is going to do the work or if the man who owns the shop will do it. If it is the man who owns the shop, I will have to pay him.
If anyone can help, I will send an Obergon Chronicle book to everyone who donates over $20.00.
Here is a link to the donor page:
If you want to purchase an Obergon Chronicle, this would be a good time to do this. You'll save $10.00.
don't order from the Amazon page. I can't autograph those and you will have to pay the regular price. If you want the book, pay for it through the donate link on the donor page. Make sure you tell me you want a copy of Obergon.
Thank you so much!!


  1. Perhaps the rubes of rumorswill could do a bit of 'belt tightening' and buy their very own modern day 'Joan of Arc', publisher of lies and scams a new vehicle. It is after all the least they can do, for all that she has bravely and selflessly sacrificed for them, her home, her belongings, the 'love' of her life, fellow scammer extraordinaire Gunther Russbacher.

    1. Sort of brings tears to your eyes - and a wretching sensation to the stomach, doesn't it? Yes, skids, Perhaps readers should wise up.