Sunday, July 19, 2015

Agent 86 says, Hobie's new source "Blackjack" deals the Rubes some fresh horseshit please send money now

An exciting Development in Georgia - International Money Scam invested in Georgia!   Happy Moment for Jeff Gordon of Atlanta!!!!!!!


Feds go after Atlanta company selling Iraqi Dinar

*** Iraqi dinar, recently being said *** / Blackjack
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 19-Jul-2015 04:38:09

Hi, Folks -
Found at, discernment is advised:


Thank You Blackjack7 for sharing this with us all!

Blackjack7 :
 ok I will be getting a call very shortly should not only be interesting but very EXCITING!!!!!

 Just got the call and everything from the RV to Global release of funds for the bonds was done last night...he received this info from his contact at Interpol 

Folks this is all over on please do not shoot the messenger delivering this most exciting news….. 

He also said that money is flowing but you just cannot use it but it is seen in the accounts

He will finally be able to utilize his funds that have been sitting in his account for a few months now...all due to the RV happening

ExtremeBusiness: confident do you feel that this info is logit?

 I have known the gentleman for quite some time and his contacts are at the highest level so yes confidence is definitely HIGH!!!

Royal: just wondering if you know the type of accounts your source was speaking about

 Royal these are people who have already received funds for other transactions such as bonds and possibly currency but have been in essence they will have the ability to use those funds freely

There also might be yet another morsel this evening as well!!!

I will say this again and again any intel I receive will not be kept a secret I would be very selfish for doing so...having said that how you interpret the info is up to you all I can do is present it how it was given to me


  1. Hi, Folks -
    Found at, discernment is advised:

    If the 'Folks' had any discernment they would not be reading Hobie's disinfo at RumorSwillNews and they most certainly would not be contributing any money to this scam operation.

    1. Well, yes, but site readers tend to self-select for what seems reasonable to them. RMN Readers accept on faith many asserted facts which do not stand up to scrutiny. That said, all of us have areas of blindness and we don't know anything about the circumstances of RMN Readers as individuals. But they do seem to be looking for security and comfort in a world gone crazy so I continue to hope they will do some research of their own and wise up. I suspect many have done this and moved on to other sites - and hopefully to finding community with those they can actually know in person.

  2. For your viewing pleasure to VOMIT Previous begs still being deleted.
    I need $25.00 More dollars to pay phone/internet

    Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Thursday, 23-Jul-2015 10:19:12

    Thank you for all the help you've given me during my move to the country. The house was empty for a while and during that time it filled up with mice. Fortunately my dogs are part rat terrier and that breed was bred to keep rodents off of farms. It's incredible how many mice they catch... the same amount as are caught by the traps I use. Yesterday the traps caught three and the dogs caught at least three, maybe more.

    I truly am living through a mouse infestation. I wish they weren't so darned cute. I now see why kids have mice as pets.

    I can remember visiting a friend who raised mice. I asked her why she did it. I couldn't believe that she loved mice so much she raised them. Mice can give birth in a matter of weeks and each litter has at least 10 babies. What did she do with all those mice?

    She went into her bedroom and came out with an eight foot snake wrapped around her neck. The snake was as big as the large roll of bologna in the meat department.

    I never thought I had a fear of snakes, but I have to admit I jumped out of my skin when I saw that snake wrapped around her neck.

    The snake started wiggling off her shouldar and soon slithered up the table where the box of mice were. He knocked the box on the floor (something he normally didn't do) and then raced after a mouse. He caught it and swallowed it. I could actually see the bulge of the mouse travel down his throat.

    The only thing worse than my fright of seeing this huge snake was waking up the next morning with the snake stretched out in bed with me, his head next to mine. He wasn't supposed to be able to get out of his cage. Needless to say, I always made sure that I had another place to stay when I wnt to Los Angeles to visit my friend.

    I remember how many mice that snake ate and I think to myself that the snake would LOVE the place I live in now. If I didn't have the dogs, I would invite my friend to bring her snake and come visit. I fear the snake would eat the dogs.

    I think this bill is the last of the bills for this month. I sure hope so. This means I am actually catching up. The only bill that remains outrageous is the electric bill and that's because I never received the bills for the months that my painter and his girlfriend were at the house getting it ready to move in to.

    I assumed the landlady was still paying the bills, and then the man arrived to turn off the electricity and he handed me the bill.

    Only $25.00 more dollars and this one will be paid.

    1. Well, at least the snake story was new to us. Otherwise it is all retread. Maybe Rayelan the Trite should move in with the Manchesters in Willoughby. That would be funny. Thanks Anon for another find!

  3. Another made up story by the lying Rapacious Rayelan. You would think given her 'personality' she would just LOVE snakes.

  4. coincidentally
    Snayelan's ACM Activated Cell Memory symbol not only resembles a squeezed SOD (Star Of David)

    ACM Activated Cell Memory

    but even more looks like the front view of a Venomous Horned Viper

    Venomous Horned Viper

    The older the RAyelan RAttle snake gets the more her reptoid crossbred ancestry shining thru ... LOL!


    1. So THAT is why Snayland was sleeping with the snake! It is her boy friend. Thanks for the insight!