Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Christmas 2012

Rayelan Allan is a a person who is extremely self indulgent.  While she paints herself as entirely dedicated to enacting change the reality for which she hankers is very different. 

I'm not going to do an in-depth analysis of Rayelan's personality here.  Suffice to say her time is not spent reading articles and working on solutions to the problems which confront us today.  Not at all. 

Beading, sitting around watching television, shuffling her possessions from one place to another in a house overstuffed with stuff, and buying more are the main focus of her life.  Occasionally she goes on line to ask RMN Readers for more money for some disaster, which can abe entirely invention or a re-spin of some stupid or ugly behavior she has committed. 

Before I came here she and I agreed on the importance of minimizing all acquisitions or activities not related to the problem at hand, the take over of American institutions, providing alternatives for these, and informing people of the problems they face. 

I never stop.  Rayelan never starts. 

A reflection of this appears in the Christmas Card Rayelan handed to me last year.  At the time I took it to be a kindly gesture without meaning.  Now, I think it was a warning.  Rayelan does not want to be bored with constant calls to action, writing, or other activities which get in the way of her beading. 

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