Thursday, January 21, 2016

Jeff - "Hobie"- Gordon has again entered the Room with his sad pleas

From Insights Agent 86, "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night nor broken bones stays these scammers from the swift completion of their appointed grifts. ... Rain or shine, snow or sleet, we scam your money!"

And below we see Jeff has, in fact, rejoined us with sincere thanks for the offerings made by RMN Readers, which will bring such delight to Rayelan as she continues to spend her way to a surfeit of wondrous indulgences.  

And remember - it is better to get your POOFNESS directly because it costs less and is fresher.  

Thanks 86, it is always a pleasure!

Waiting for the POOFNESS update? 8000+ read the Sunday post. Feel free to CONTRIBUTE while waiting. :) (no msg in this post) *NM*
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hobie -- Wednesday, 20-Jan-2016 20:42:41


  1. Sad isn't it? Virtually all their traffic is due to the Dinar scam, without that, RumorSwill's stats would be too low to measure.

    1. Not at all sad. A ray of hope showing the power of the truth. When we are together, transparent and open, the energy flows through us and on uniting everyone. This has been the point of the exercise.

  2. Sad that there are that many people that are falling for the dinar scam, otherwise RumorSwill would have the reach of its sister site STA...too low to register.

    1. Yes, but when Jeff and Rayelan are prosecuted as accessories to the Dinar scam then their reach will be only through the bars.