Sunday, January 3, 2016

RMN again surfaces.

Could it have been publishing Raye's phone number that did the trick?

Anyway, The Top Topic is the very inappropriate use of the the Hammonds, father and son, who have been unjustly treated to a double jeopardy jail sentence for actions many do not believed were crimes.  

The choices made by the two men is theirs.  Attempting to use threats of violence are simply wrong because each of us has an absolute right to decide for ourselves how we will handle the problems in our own lives.  The Hammonds have both said they are dedicated to non-violent resolution.  They have spoken.  It is their lives and the various individuals who showed up, taking action without their wish or consent should go home after they apologize to both father and son. 

I learned what had happened from a prominent spokesman who also was not informed of  Bundy's intentions.  He went on to say the non-violent protest was profoundly positive and spiritual and lifted everyone attending up.  

Individual rights mean exactly that, those with the right to chose have done so.  Bundys go home. 


  1. In her desperate fund raising pleas, Grifter Rayelan has claimed she no longer has a cell phone, because, sniffle, she could not afford to pay. Say, you don't think she would lie about something like that, do you?

    1. Raye? Lie for the sake of money? In a NY nanosecond.

  2. How about be "demanding"? :

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    NOTE to Rayelan" You should go ahead and change the month/year now, otherwise you are going to get quite 'mixed up'.

    1. She is such an obvious leech. Listen, Princess of BrainsBeGone, move into a two bedroom, one bath apartment or the Towers. Then your problems are solved.