Thursday, January 21, 2016

Understanding Rayelan

What you need to look for here is a repetition of the same behavior long time Readers for RMN have noted.  This is providing unrealistic recommendations for treatments sold on the RMN site which solved a problem Rayelan claimed to be experiencing.  

My observation while living with Rayelan was that the problems she claimed to be experiencing evaporated when she wanted to do something else.  But these were endlessly recycled when she wanted to evade something she thought was unpleasant.  

This translated into her fundraising, where the same problems became the reasons she needed money.  At first, I believed her.  But over the time I was there I realized she was never sincere.  

This video, done in late 2012 was the point at which I began to have questions about the reality of her complaints.  Because I liked and trusted her I first looked for explanations other than the one I eventually had to accept, that she is a psychopath who had been enlisted to entice me to  Ohio and keep me there while she destroyed my health and reduced me to abject poverty.  

I am, by nature and inclination, very trusting and it was hard to believe this person who had been grateful and friendly was actually cold-bloodedly using me as a resource for work, never intended to keep her promises, and was being paid to do so.  Now, I believe it.  

Living there, I was well aware none of Rayelan's assertions about the treatment were true.  I was troubled and concerned and began looking for an explanation.  

Again, a list of the Characteristics of Psychopaths compiled by Dr. Robert Hare.

I am not a licensed professional.  But in the real world we have to make judgments on who we can trust.  Please use your own judgment on this.   

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