Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Agent 86 said, "step right up rubes, grifter Rayelan wishes to squander your money, don't miss your chance to join the demons that support rumorswill"

But how many are real Readers?  How many are simulated persons to keep the old ball of blarney moving?  Too bad the Razr link does not lead to a toilet so you can flush your money down.  Flush that money Down, boys, Flush that Money Down!  Raye and the IRS say, Just Flush that Money Down!!!!!

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
** Only 7 days left, another$1514 needed to reach our goal - PLEASE CONTRIBUTE NOW **
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 25-May-2016 01:42:20
Hi, Folks -
Many thanks to the 29 fine folks who have contributed $1486 toward our goal of $3000 for RMN's May expenses. :)
It's the 25th - just 7 days left in the month of May, and another $1514 will reach our goal. Here's your chance to join the Angels that support Rumor Mill News and keep it available at no charge for everyone. :)
Please contribute now if you're able and would find it fitting.
Blessings, all.



  1. How refreshing. A switch up in tactics. "Angels that Keep it free for everyone". Someone must have been watching late night TV. I believe it's something like 30% of donation given actually goes to the charity as a general rule.

    A server hosted not at her premises
    A light bill for RMN "Corporate office" (her house) Denny's and of course a car. 3rd one we are on how I think?

    3000$ a month to allow them to repost following the 50% rule to bypass liability with the illusion of opening our eyes to the nature of the world.

    How about you give me 3k? I hereby promise to promote faction 2 and save the world per her mantra.

    Denny's for all of us Melinda.



    1. Yess, J~, no Angels in RayeTown, not a one. Rayelan was a BIG TV watcher. She did not read books, unless tabloids can be defined as such, but she left television on all night to keep her company. The woman drank electricity. I think I have previously mentioned the octopus look of every electric socket and the extension cords reaching everywhere.

      In this case all of the money goes to the uncharity, namely Raye and Ravenous and Hobie-Jeff Gordon of Atlanta, Georgia - Zapper to keep up their standard of living.

      The Faction II thing is funny. That would have included Gunther, who was arrested for fraud in Austria while telling people over here he was going to be crowned as Arch Duke. It is such an obvious con to keep people passive while the Uglies of Greed can continue to such all of us dry.

      It is gross, gross, gross. And sad. As Readers suspect how they have been betrayed they will go through denial, shock, a horrible feeling of betrayal and depression. Makes you cringe.

      Be well! Nice to see you. - Melinda

    2. LOL! Father Hobie spending blessings to all, after gleaning the balance sheet. Talking 'bout May Expenses: well, hoping hobbit of Relentless Money Nocking, it is what it says, expenses that MAY have been made or MAY not have been made, your self revealing subliminal, thus possibly really fine folks find it filthy to be drawn and beaten to your fund razorsharp guillotine, MAY BE?


    3. Has to be hard on Hobie - Jeff Gordon - Zapper. That is, assuming Rayelan, Priestess of Persuasion, is not playing his part, too. How do we know? Copying his highly repetitive posts would not be difficult. Thanks for checking in, G~!

  2. I went quickly from denial to anger. Fast forward 2 years later I found you and this blog. Now I feel indifference which is the polar opposite of what she wants.

    Because you taught me a valuable life lesson in consistency that I can never repay other than paying it forward. I know I have told you this before, but it warrants a reminder. Thank you for the lesson.



    1. J~ Thank you. Knowing it has helped makes it more than worth while, it is exactly what I wanted to accomplish. Blessings! Melinda