Tuesday, May 17, 2016

An RMN Reader, as Rayelan Wants Him/Her to Be.

If Rayelan had a contract with Readers which reflected the reality of their relationship it would say.......

I, ____________________, a Reader of Rumor Mill News agree to the following contract to which I will adhere with slavish  dedication and from which I will not deviate because I understand I am a meuling little worm who desperately needs Darlene Rae Smith to bring meaning and disinformation   in to my otherwise empty life.  

I agree to give Rayelan, the name our Queen uses so we always remember she is actually a Princess and in charge of the entire world, money whenever she asks for it even when I have twinges of awareness that it is not possible of anyone to have this many bills which are identical every month and have disasters, for which she is in no way responsible, every third day.  

I will continue to bring her articles for which no credit is given to the writer but I get credit for stealing them for her. This is right and good because she is Rayelan, Princess of the Universe.  

I further agree to forget the past discrepancies in the stories she tells me and always believe what she is saying at this minute as the revealed Word of God.  

Finally, I agree to love and worship her and send her wonderful presents even when there is no reason and    continue to wait for my turn to us the  Family Camping Ground even if I know it was given to Angel for some reason I do not understand.  

Signed,  May 17, 2016


And what is my Queen's address so I can send more money? 


  1. ....and I promise to continually profusely thank her for all she has done, even though the only time her highness deigns to speak to us lowly rubes is when she demands more money....

    1. Doesn't she ever write about anything else?