Saturday, May 14, 2016

Rayelan starts writing birthday cards! A new venture for the vulture.

Agent 86 says, "delusional blather."  Quite correct.  It appears Rayelan the  unready to find normal employment is now writing birthday cards to herself with the possible assistance, two days late because Angel had to be reminded, of the one and only love and delight of the Deadly Handyman of Ashtabula (DHA).  This does not mean Rayelan actually still lives in the area as it is very possible sale of the six storage units of 'stuff' could have been subcontracted to Angel and DHA.  

But who knows - maybe they are all living together again.  Time always reveals the truth.  Have a lovely day, everyone.  - Melinda  

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Posted By: NeverSurrender [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 12-May-2016 15:09:39
Happy Birthday Raye,
I wish everyone here could get to know you like I have, to see the kind, caring , hard working woman that you are everyday.
On your special day today, if you receive a fraction of the love and support and blessing that you are to the world and to your family and friends then you will have an amazing birthday :)
I truly hope you find a few dollars to go out and treat yourself to a nice dinner today or some other special treat, you sure deserve it.
If you would like to send Raye some birthday love you can send it to her through Paypal at:
or the mail:
P.O.Box 95
Ashtabula, Oh
Happy Birthday :)


  1. I have some birthday hate, where do I send it?

    1. Well sskids, she did provide an address. Does it smell good? I'm sure she will be thrilled to be remembered. Nice of you.

  2. Save your money folks!

    I Can't pay the server without your help (views: 130)
    Rayelan -- Sunday, 15-May-2016 12:00:11
    Telephone and Intermet Due -- Please help! (views: 219)
    Rayelan -- Friday, 13-May-2016 14:02:23

    1. How much is she bringing in?
      $460 Raised
      15% of $3k goal
      8 contributors
      Ends Jun 2, 2016 - And there it is. Thanks sskids!

  3. Is that all sskids and 86 do but stalk Rayelan and then spew out the hate and also you too Melinda. By the way it was agreed to many years ago that people would help Rayelan rather than pay a fee to the site. This is none of your business and stalking is against the law which you should know about.

    1. Rayelan asks people both to pay a monthly fee and support her with 'donations.' She does not need the money she asks for. She has a very adequate income and has consistently refused to provide any bills showing she actually has any legitimate needs.

      That is not speculation I saw her lying and knew what her actual circumstances were. And what about the Family Camp Ground? Any of you used it lately? Fraud. I am providing a public service. It would be impossible to list all of the lies she has told and scams in which she has participated to con money out of her 'Readers.' And do not comment again unless you are willing to use your name, and prove it is your name.

    2. If you would take the time to read Melinda's timeline listed on this blog you will find that she is not stalking or cyber bullying. She is giving people all the info required to m make an informed decision about Raye and her scamming tactics.

      One cannot deny the fact that people have been screaming Scammer in unison with the name Raye since the 90's as noted in the post on this blog from the phoniex files.

      I hope you are well Melinda


    3. Hi J~! Thanks for saying that. Yes, people should read the timeline. I fell like the Readers are a litter of baby mice dumped in the cage with the snake and one by one they disappear as the snake (Rayelan) feeds while they are sleeping.

      Drives me nuts to see it. I am well, but Arthur is lonely. I need to do something about that. Thanks, Melinda

    4. Anon @8:30PM, I'll stop "stalking" as you mis-characterize blog posting as soon as Rayelan the lying grifter stops scamming and lying to her readers.

    5. We are of one mind, sskids. They just want to make sure their potential victims are not warned.

  4. Hi Morgan.

    Show us the bills then. Every single one. Whatever was agreed to was not to feed shopping addictions and Super Fat Slams at Dennys. Melinda has support here, because we are tired of lazy Rayeloon taking advantage of people. Rayeloon is reposting the work of others at Rumor Swill, without giving due credit for their use. That is stealing, and it is a crime. Perpetuating the dinar scam comes of high interest to the FBI right now as well.

    1. Thanks 2W3X4YZ5, It probably is her. But someone must have proofed her comment for her since Morgan cannot write a sentence which is correctly spelled or grammatically correct. I wonder if Morgan and Jay are involved directly in any of the scams? It would not surprise me.

  5. Anonymous @ 8:30PM asserts that "By the way it was agreed to many years ago that people would help Rayelan rather than pay a fee to the site."

    Where is this alleged agreement? Who were the parties to this alleged agreement? Did the alleged agreement include lying, scamming and stealing? Since when can scammer Raye steal other peoples' work product and then sell it for a fee without the owners' consent?

    Anon@8:30PM is almost as dishonest as her hero grifter Raye.

    1. It would be weaselish, of course. I'll write one up and post it today. Thanks for commenting!