Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Agent 86 says, "Grifter raye attempts a new fleecing of the rubes by promising to raise her own funds starting next week, much like Wimpy, grifter raye will gladly pay the rubes on Tuesday for a Denny's grand slam today."

And you bet she will, Agent 86.  She is pedestrian in her exaggerations and lies but these are, none the less, endless. And now maybe Rayelan the ever-inventive, will come up with another line of whoppers as to why she can't pay for her various expenses.  

If she expects to make money from collectibles in this market what she really needs is a brain adjustment.  I told her it was dumb to buy when every antique dealer is finding it impossible to dump their inventory, but, hey, that is what she wanted.  

Perhaps she should consider retraining into another profession.  How about applying at some convents and becoming a nun?  That would certainly be a change for Hot Hips. 

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It's past the 15th....
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 17-May-2017 20:57:47

I wish there were enough money in the fundrazr widget so I could pay all the bills.
This coming week will see my entry into eBay and Facebppk selling many of my collection of antiques and other collectables. As that happens, I can let all of you who have been paying the bills at RMN relax, because I will be able to pay them myself.
But right now, I still need some help.

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  1. Next weeks posting:

    Help, all of my priceless antiques and collectibles have been stolen from me, the storage place auctioned off my valuables because I did not have enough money to pay the rent.

    1. More likely hauled off to the dump, from what I saw. Her family never had any real antiques. Thanks sskids, cute parody.

  2. "I wish there were enough money in the fundrazr widget so I could pay all the bills."

    Might I suggest using TEMPLAR PROSPERITY MEDITATION? I am told it will solve all your financial problems.

    1. Ha, ha! I have a friend is who is descended from the Templars. He laughed himself silly at the suggestion they had a meditation. That whole scam was set in motion by Cardinal Richelieu. But it was better thought out than the Obergon scam. Thanks, sskids!

  3. Sure she will. I would wager if we went through 6 months of these posts we would see at least 10 promises to sell stuff on e-bay which will be followed by some sort of emergency or health scare post that prohibited her from getting the stuff up online for sale.

    It's the same dull and predictable pattern from her. Beginning of the Month: I will have my e-bay shop up soon. Then BAM "I forgot this, or my back hurts that. Or Buck needs this, I can't move because of pneumonia that.



    1. J~, you are exactly right. She has no intention of selling anything because she cannot cope with the reality she was stupid to buy all of that junk. While I was there she spent less and less time on anything for RMN and more time buying her little treasures or reading tabloids. Thanks for posting!

  4. So on one hand RayéLoon says she is able to pay the bills. On the other hand she still needs some help. I don't think she knows or cares if she can pay her bills. Can someone please call the Tower and ask them to send the oversized van?

    1. Yes, her expenses would drop drastically if she was living in the Tower with her two small pooches. She would be only a few steps from a food pantry at the Church across the street, and organic vegetables would be delivered to the lobby downstairs. She would not need a car because the Salvation Army is just down the street. How could it be better? Here is the contact info: Address: 325 W 48th St #100, Ashtabula, OH 44004
      Phone: (440) 998-6661 Thanks, 2W3X4YZ5, I know, eventually, RayeLoon will appreciate your suggestion.