Thursday, May 18, 2017

Agent 86 said, "Guess the rubes aren't falling for the 'wimpy' act, except for Nimueh who contributed $5, and probably never watched Popeye cartoons as a child. Why $445 won't even be enough for Hobie's monthly allowance and we all know grifter raye gets paid FIRST"

Of course she does.  And Hobie-Jeff-Zapper has other scams running so that is no real problem.  Let's hope the WisingUP  wave continues unabated.  Thanks, Agent 86, you are the Bong!

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Rayelan -- Wednesday, 17-May-2017 20:57:47

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Anonymous Contributed $5
Blessings and love,
Anonymous Contributed
Thank you for your amazingly eclectic site. I've learned so much diverse info - some inspiring, some sobering, some funny and some have significantly contributed to my quest to regain my health.

Much appreciation,


Mike McFeely Contributed $25
Happy Birthday, Rayelan!


  1. 662 views of the beg. 445 dollars received. I suppose the rubes have to wait til they get their social security checks around the 25th. But in the meantime RayéLoon has to sell part of her huge collection of antiques and whimsical collectibles (hear that new song? Sounds like an old song I know). Have any of her victims ever wondered whose money paid for RayéLoon's collection in the first place?

    1. A nice point, 2W3X4YZ5. That seems to elude their notice nicely. And where is the CIA now? Why aren't they coming to her rescue? For that matter, where is Laura, Duchess of Manchester when her dear friend, Raye, who used to pay for her storage in Michigan, necessitated by the Ducal couple being forced to move for non-payment of rent and ending up in Las Vegas? Alexander, the 13th Duke, also a dear friend, is, of course, in the lock up in Nevada, HIGH DESERT STATE PRISON (HDSP)

      Where are Morgan and Jay, her dear compatriots, and Craig? How flighty they have become. So sad.