Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Agent 86 said, "Hobie lies to the Rubes about rumorswill expenses, and grifter raye quit her job the day her husband died"

"Employment" Rayelan-style is unusual at best.  Jeff Gordon (Hobie) is correct in saying no one is going to pay her for exercising her prior marketable skills.  However, this is not her age.  Look at the previous post for more information on Rayelan's background to you understand just how little normal 'employment history' she has accumulated over the nearly 70 years of her life. 
         Again, read the long post which was linked to the last post
        Since I lived there and had the experience of seeing how little time she spent on Rumor Mill, how she complained about having to anything herself, it was hard for me to believe anyone could take her seriously as an agent of change.  
         The world is shredding around all of us and knowing some still view RMN as a reliable source of information saddens me.  America is headed for third world status if we cannot stop the elites from continuing the con-job which has been repeated through the First Mercantilist Era into the Second, now drawing to a close.  
         Visit Greedville and go over the Time Lines.  I built that site for the interactive game for which I could not finish, thanks to Raye and her friends.  
         Raye should turn RMN over to Jeff.  He at least appears to spend time on the thing.  

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** END OF MAY, PLEASE CONTRIBUTE ** / about a job for Raye...
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 30-May-2017 20:24:51

Hi, Folks -
Many thanks to the 24 fine folks who have contributed $840 toward our goal of $2500 for RMN's May expenses, and to the 16 equally fine folks who have given $450 to help me out personally. :)
Wednesday is the final day of May, and we're still $1660 shy of our goal for RMN this month. PLEASE JUMP IN AND HELP KEEP RMN's LIGHTS ON HERE IN CYBERSPACE.
Friday Raye posted, saying:
I still have bills to pay and not a dime to my name.Thank you so much for your help. without it I would have to go back to work to support RMN...
I know from email I've received in the past that there are those who feel Ray =should= get a job and pay for RMN's expenses by herself, as she years ago did do.First, please note, she's 70 or close to it now. I don't know what sort of job you expect her to dash out and get. (??)
And second, if you find value in what RMN provides, doesn't it make sense to return a little something for that and to help make sure it'll still be here for you tomorrow?
Please contribute if you're able and would find it fitting.

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Blessings, all.


  1. Maybe the rubes will next suggest that choir boy get a job, can't have that, hoaxin hobie is as allergic to work as grifter raye.

    1. Jeff Gordon - Hobie, is far more employable than is Rayelan. He has more skills, if he uses them honestly. There is no reason Jeff could not move Rayelan down to live with him so they could share expenses. That would be thrifty of them - and Raye could demonstrate her skills in the kitchen and as a housemaker. (snicker) Thanks for the comment, sskids!

    2. But if she did that it would cost the rubes close to a hundred thousand in moving expenses alone! Not to mention her incidental and "Oh, I just _have_ to have this!" types of expenditures along the way. It would be interesting if that happened, because as they say "I know some folks out yonder."

      No, Hobie won't live with RayéLoon because at the end of the day, he knows she, like himself, is a professional scam artist. He knows that she, like himself, will scam anyone for anything without pause or forethought. He knows she eventually would run the same kind of savage burn on him, that he has helped her to do hundreds of times. And seeing (and knowing) her penchant to "get things on someone that she can use later," I'd say he doesn't want her to hear him listening to little boy choir music at 4:15 in the morning. For obvious reasons previously mentioned.

    3. I can imagine what it would be like, having seen her domestic skills. That is what made me laugh. 'Scorpions in a bottle,' comes to mind. I keep wondering if she is being garnisheed by the IRS, California and Ohio for her non-payment of taxes. And every so often I fantasize what would happen if they dug into her "Family CampGround," ploy.

      The boy choir though it horrible as a visual, as you say at 4:15 in the morning. Ug! But thanks for mentioning the possible. One also wonders about what sort of entertainment is on Jeff Gordon - Hobie's computer. Nothing bothered Raye, that is for sure. I wonder what her conversations with Morgan and Laura are like now? Thanks for your insights!

    4. I only referenced 4:15 after seeing one posted at close to that time. You should go several pages into that search string yourself. Surely someone posting that type of content late at night does not have to worry about being at work at 8-9 am, which in metro Atlanta could require a 45 minute to one hour commute each way.

    5. Jeff Gordon-Hobie keep similar hours, apparently. That shared attribute also makes a regular job more problematic. I'll take a look at the string tonight. Perhaps I'll have the pleasure of seeing something pop up. All best, 2W3X4YZ5.

  2. "I know from email I've received in the past that there are those who feel Ray =should= get a job and pay for RMN's expenses by herself, as she years ago did do.First, please note, she's 70 or close to it now. I don't know what sort of job you expect her to dash out and get. (??)"

    Perhaps the rubes feel that grifter Raye should get a job to pay for her lavish personal expenses, because even an idiot knows it does not cost $2500 to " KEEP RMN's LIGHTS ON HERE IN CYBERSPACE". By the way, grifter raye never did pay the bills by herself, she had a feed the kitty link from day one. Nice series of lies, choir boy hobie.

    1. Wow! That is an interesting detail, that Raye had a Kitty Feed up even in the early days of RMN. Thanks for reminding everyone, especially me who did not know RMN existed until I was contacted to post there in 2007.Now here is another kicker. Raye told me her husband was paying the expenses for RMN until he died. That was October 5, 2005. What followed was the lavish remodel which ate up the existing equity in the house in Watsonville and then the desperation move, funded by Readers, to Ohio.

      So, our motto should be, "Let the Lights Go OUT!" Thanks, sskids!

  3. It's getting loopy for RMN. I mean, HOW DARE THEY suggest RayéLoon go out and work to pay for her own personal bills and her scam website? She's an old woman now! And in such poor health too, yet not on any disability either. Doesn't that account for something? She is such a nice person who does so much for others, with her website dontcha know? It would do her good start with a minimum wage job at Goodwill or the Salvation Army Thrift Store, sorting, cataloging, and valuing precious heirlooms and whimsical collectibles.

    It was interesting to note that she has had alternate cash streams all along. Did not know about that. Taxable income?

    1. Yes, RayLoon has always have multiple incomes, she just spends more than she gets. I don't think she files even a regular tax return, much less income from RMN, which I doubt she can take as donations since they amount to thousands every year. I know she was not filing anything while I was there. It worried me. Now, I never worry about her well being. Such a relief! Ironic about her health since I am legally disabled and the caretaker for my son, who is more so. The drama never ends with RMN! Thanks for your comment, 2W3X4YZ5!

  4. Hobie has been 'gainfully' employed over the last twenty years scamming people. He is a 'business' man just like grifter raye is a 'business' woman.

    1. sskids, let us not fantasize a bit and imagine what their Looking for Employment ads would say. SMILE This should be a post.