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The Back Story - Putting it all in context.

Most of the RMN Readers might recall mention of Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester and his present wife, Laura. There is a link on Insights to the website I put up to fight back against the slanders and libels he was spreading – not about Rayelan but about me. You might have construed from this he and I had had some altercation which focused him on me as a target but this is entirely untrue.

It is also relevant that correspondence has disappeared from my email account and is now only available on one of my sites. This is especially true from October 2011 on. I'll know more exactly when I have time to check more of my other sites.

He had actually invited himself up to my place in the mountains for a holiday and given me instructions about his dietary limitations when suddenly he sort of disappeared for a couple or three days. At the time I was still hoping to be paid for the website so, grudgingly, I made a special mid-week trip to the grocery store over 20 miles and an hour away to stock up.

This relates to Rayelan because she was not attacked and I was. While she claims to have been threatened I saw no real documentation this was true, but did not think about it until much later. People lie in word but their actions are generally far better indicators of the facts.

In late 2012 Raye lost her temper because I needed a ride to pick up my car, which was in the shop. Mind you, I had been acting as her chauffeur for months at this point and this time and for the drop off, a couple of miles from the house, were thee only time she ever gave me a ride anyplace. She burst out with, “I told them having you come here was a bad idea, I told them it would not work.” I asked, bewildered, “Who said that?” She waved her arms in the air and got in the car. Not another word was exchanged until some hours after I drive back to the house.

                  1 - Alex asks Melinda to rewrite a letter for him.
                  3Alex cans Ilene Proctor
                  5 - Notes for the Book – Melinda, working diligently
                           Exchange of emails Melinda – Manchesters, regarding meetings.
                           Email to Raye from Melinda – business
                  6 – Forwarded to Melinda from Alex, email written to Trustees.
                  8 – Working Correspondence with Raye
                         Alex sends email Melinda edited to the Trustees                
                 12 – Melinda sends 2nd DRAFT of MJ Offering to Raye before sending on to
                 14 – DNA test on Angus, the 12th Duke – For Melinda to put up on the site.
                             Alex demands book back from Ilene, Melinda edited.
                            Alex sends Melinda stills from MJ videos. Melinda cannot tell what they are
                               his work is so bad.
                  16 –    Email from Laura to Melinda and Raye regarding the MJ video.
                             Exchange between Alex and Laura regarding their relationship.
                             Laura pleads with Alex
                   17 – Alex takes photos of the 'Ducal Apartment, sending these to Melinda.
                            Post written the next year using the photos 
                             Alex makes out the paperwork for his divorce from Laura     
                   18 - Raye provides the money for Alex Montagu to divorce Laura Anne Smith, his
                       wife of four years, who, temporarily, absconded with  the Michael Jackson
                       Tapes. DIVORCE FILING
                   18 – Melinda receives photos of the 'Ducal Apartment.'
                   20 - Alex receives his processed divorce papers.

                   22 – Alex is hung over and off his meds. (When you read this it is clear what a jerk Alex is. He was not coming up to see me as anything but a cook and so I would build him ANOTHER site when he had not paid for the first. He bought another car using a bad check and started up to my place. Then, I heard nothing for a while and then received a call telling me his new – used SUV had broken down and he needed to get it fixed. That was the last time I think I talked to him before someone had 'reprogrammed' him to think I was evil. This could have been an act, of course but he was not very bright and certainly not subtle.

26 – Melinda has dinner with a friend, Melody Gillespie, and tells her she is going to Ohio to work with Raye. I had finally been persuaded the day before.

                               A harassing phone call from Alex.
                   29 - Melinda again responds. They have talked Yola into handing over the site for which I had not been paid to Alex. He tried to make changes and destroyed it, but I did not follow that too closely. This site looks like the original site to some extent.

This is speculation on my part, but based on the fact Laura is now defending Craig (Franklin) and Dan (O'Dowd).

The entire month of November was spent driving across country. My vision was much worse than I remembered from long drives before and I could only stand about 300 miles a day without coming down with a migraine which stopped me from driving for a couple of days. Raye was paying for the hotel rooms.

19 -  MP-F Declaration for the FBI regarding Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester

I was snowed in at a hotel in Wyoming when I sent the Declaration to the FBI about the death threats from Alex.

I finally arrived at Denny's on the Austinberg Road and met Rayelan on November 30th or 31st.

                     1 - Emails from Wendy Montagu to Raye Allan
                   13 - Yola takes down Melinda's sites due to false accusations by Laura, Alex, and
                       Craig Franklin or Raye A. Smith, AKA Rayelan Allan.  

The point of this post is the Yola sites, all 49 of them, including the original for, which was a smack in the face for Green Hills Software, Inc. Since it was all true, and backed up with documents, they could not go to court to take it down. I believe, on the available evidence, they put together a scheme (conspiracy) to isolate me far from friends and then take down the site and make me homeless and unable to fight back any more. I think this was cooked up by Craig, Dan, and some of their connections from the Bush Administration. It would have been easy to realize Rayelan could be an asset in carrying this out. 

Yola never contacted me.  What kind of lies and positioning could have made this happen, and so fast?  

Laura published their correspondence with Yola, having whited out the third name of the group.  Apparently three people, Alex, Laura and the Unnamed Other, successfully lied my sites down by telling Customer Support I had multiple accounts, which would have violated their rules.  The site they claimed was mine was not.  I had never seen or heard of it. I  never violated the rules - I had 49 sites because when they started there was no limit and for me websites are like gum drops.  I was a paying customer, too, and had just renewed my yearly Silver Package.  

When this happened I had just arrived and Raye was going through her, "let's make it seem like I am a normal person," period.  I thought she a little dingy, especially after she started talking about being the Princess of Obergon.  But I am tolerant of others eccentricities. 

These most recent events compelled me to compile a Master Time Line.  Looking at it made me realize could have been functioning as a Handler.  We know she has contacts with the CIA as an 'asset.'  A perusal of where I post would have brought her to the top of the list of possibilities for assisting in shutting me up after the Greedville site went up.  

Wendy told me she was surprised Alex went after me as he did because in every other instance where he owed someone money he went out of his way to avoid them thereafter.  He and Laura got back together, went to spend time with Craig, and went through what now appears to be a created drama with Rayelan to make it appear she was also being threatened.  But she was clearly enjoying it

The site was first published earlier in 2011, but it was first recorded by the Way Back Machine on July 26, 2011.  Another WayBack record was made the next day. 

We know Alex and Laura were involved.  But who was the third person?  It had to be either Raye or Craig.  What do you think?  

I am beginning to think it was Raye.  

19 -  MP-F Declaration for the FBI regarding Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester - See more at:
19 -  MP-F Declaration for the FBI regarding Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester - See more at:
19 -  MP-F Declaration for the FBI regarding Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester - See more at:


  1. "I am beginning to think it was Raye."

    According to the saying "keep your friends close and your enemies closest" we might replace the term `keep' with 'search for' as sad as it sounds, this happens, that's life! Sometimes you have your enemies closest, without realizing instantly.
    Apart from Raye's Janus face CIA imitation in the RMN logo - to me a revelation similar to the famous Freudian slip - there's something remarkable in her facial expression as to be seen clearly in the photo under this link

    Photo of Rayelan Allan Russbacher

    Her left and her right eye look significantly different. For me this might be a marker for a split personality.
    As far as I can remember all people that crossed my path in life having this striking disparity were liars and deceivers, humans who proved to be unstable, unreliable, not trustworthy. Raye says she suffered from an infection of her brain (meningitis) in her younger years, maybe that's when part of her mind went lost or was detached and transformed, who knows.

    There`s something else to be seen in the 1st photo where she stands on the stairway wearing a US military uniform,
    if you zoom in close to her arms akimbo:
    Raye's left hand displays the marrano hand sign
    Either it's one of her tricks or she reveals her spiritual and/or physical ancestry.

    Raye can be judged by conclusions to her behavioral history but also by the signs and symbols she displays intentionally or subliminally or without deliberateness (this applies not only to her, of course, no science categories needed here).

    Could be delved into.


    1. Interesting - and consistent with her claimed past as a graduate of CIA mind control. Personally, I believe on the evidence she has always been an operative-asset, the only thing which changed being her 'assignments.'

    2. German-British (partly jewish) ethologist (behavioral scientist)
      Hans Eysenck
      once stated that at least 80 percent of human behaviour are gentically programmed, the smaller rest of human conduct can be shaped by training, education, teaching, conditioning. If you haven*t heard about him this might be helpful to better comprehend what you have experienced on your journey thru life till now.

      Speaking of biological predetermination, I've seen a side view of the "13th Scallawag Dude of Manjester"
      on one of your elaborations
      Alexander Goof for Nothing

      Now you may want to compare the side view with a Neanderthal collection made by Eric Hufschmid

      about sloping foreheads and short, angled necks and related characteristics of psychopathy and sociopathy

      There seems to be something to it, obviously.

      Benjamin Disraeli (!) had similar opinion, when he stated that genetics is the most important issue in politics (only for insiders, of course, the sheeple are taught diversity and multiculturalism and US melting pot advantages)

      I'd say, Eric Hufschmid is right, in at least 80 out of 100 cases with flathead diagnostics of the upper incrowd.
      The other 20 percent appear to be crossbreds of Neanderthals with camels from Mongolia. LOL!

    3. A little stealth sweetie in between,
      I think the movie reminds you of your early childhood, the soundtrack is from the eighties

      Alphaville - Lassie come home


  2. BooHoo, Rayeliar can't count her money or her bills.

    Hi, Folks -

    Just received from Rayelan:

    I'm off the internet even though I paid 75 on the cable bill. I still owe almost 200. Maybe more if last months bill is included. Even though I was feeling really good about the money yesterday it was only because I was working with the stack of bills from lAst month. I can't access anything to know how much I owe. I can't even log in to PayPal to find out what I have in there I paid at least 400 in partial payments and the rest to one of my workers. He is actually working for free now because he says "friends don't charge friends when they've in trouble".

    FOLKS, CAN WE PLEASE REACH FEBRUARY'S GOAL EARLY? There's just a week left in the month anyway. Many thanks to the 26 who have contributed already, so that the FundRazr widget is at $1885. ANOTHER $1615 IS NEEDED TO REACH FEBRUARY'S GOAL.


    Blessings, all.


  3. The Janus Syndicate
    In the years when Raye started her online activities she might have been inspired by this James Bond film

    Golden Eye - James Bond 1995

    Raye is fond of gold, of special agent actions, of duplicity, shell games and military stuff.

    well well


  4. Back in 2005 or so Rayelan was pushing this health drink called Jurak, for which she would get a commission for every bottle sold. As a testament to the juices remarkable healing properties, Rayelan had put up her ID photo from her English as a Second Language classes in which she was grossly overweight and looked much as she does now. She put up the photo you linked, the one with the wonky eye and said that was how she looked after using her miracle juice Jurak for six months. Clearly that photo is probably from the early 90's but certainly not how she appeared in 2005.

    Remind anyone of her intrinity? medallion she just recently recommended?

    That Rayelan, always a liar and always a scammer.

    1. Yes, of course, Raye's INTRINITY crap was well noticed. I saved the photo of the Lady in Black, with the 666 hand sign and the double tri yin yan yon or whatever. Black-dressed Raye with blonded hair and glasses was taken offline recently.
      Will come back on this. Thanks for the reminder.


    2. Thanks! What is Intrinity? I missed it. Send to my email and I will put something together about it.

    3. She was trying to get all of her readers to order the miraculous intrinity madallion because it had miraculuosly cured all of her ailments and she was to receive a commission. Worked great until the next time she needed money, and she was suddenly plagued with Abdominal pain, Allergies, Arthritis, Asthma, Back pain, Bleeding from the anus, Boils, Botulism, Bowel cancer, Bronchiectasis, Cellulitis, Chest pain, Chickenpox, Conjunctivitis, Diphtheria, Dizziness, Eczema, Gout, Hand, foot and mouth disease, Irritable bowel syndrome, ad infinitum.

    4. I was not paying any attention. Thanks for letting me know! Since it is jewelry I guess there was no problem with the FDA, which is probably one of the things which made it attractive to her, besides being addicted to jewelry on the theory it could make her look better, I think. I especially like the Foot in Mouth Disease. She sure has that, in spades.

    5. Symptom of dreaded Foot-In-Mouth disease.

      please check-it out


    6. "Lady in Black" showing off her true colors namely black?
      Posing in black blouse and double sinister subliminals, 666 hand sign on shiny 2 x 3 trinket, in fact a 666 wheel?

      Raye showing off intrinsick (npi) intrinity fantasies?

      Raye Darlene Smith's left hand sign 666 on 666 Intrinity . Her obsession with signs & symbols revealing her allegiance to Molech's Cabal, trying to make money of it by fooling gullible sheeple?
      Does it suggest you'll have eternal life when buying an overprized trinket and wear it on a black blouse?


    7. Alternative Health, Armageddon, Conspiracies, Prophecies, Spirituality,
      Home Schooling, Home Mortgages and more, in:

      The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

      Fred Shute: Intrinities or Flower of Life Pendants for Valentine's Day

      Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
      Date: Monday, 2-Feb-2015 03:55:08

      Hi, Folks -

      An offer from Intrinity creator Fred Shute:


      Greetings to all Rumor Mill News readers!

      I can make a few Intrinities and/or Flower of Life pendants for Valentine's Day delivery if anyone is interested. Same deal - discount for RMN readers and substantial donation to RMN.

      Email me at for details.

      Thanks ! Fred


  5. link

    Too bad Hozie destroyed the archives, you could see for yourself, the wonky-eyed miracle that is Rayelan.

  6. Thanks for the insights! For Rayelan whether or not something works is entirely irrelevant. What matters is how much money it brings in. She is very consistent this way. She intentionally looks for advertisers who make this kind of offer to those promoting the 'product.' You can see in her photo with Gunther in the early 90s she was putting on heft. I saw a photo at the time she married Major Kooker and she was larger still. She used to put this granular stuff on everything saying it made you lose weight without exercising or changing your diet. That did not work either. I should do something with the wonky eye photo. I'll think about it.

    1. Was the granular stuff called Sensa? Nice to know that she falls for the scams too, being such a scammer herself, you'd think she'd smell them from a mile away.

    2. I wonder if this - - had anything to do with Rayelan's being overstocked with Sensa. She usually gets free samples or has to buy some to create a down line. She used to put in thickly when we were eating together. For the first few days after I cleaned out the Dining Room, converting it back into a place to eat instead of being her closet and storage, it looked nice. Then, the dining table became her makeup table and more storage. It was hazardous for Arthur to try and navigate in there because of the junk on the floor. Sensa was always on the table for her use. I suspect she was not considered as a success story for them.

    3. Rayelan's supporters paid for her sensa habit, I wonder if she got a refund.

      snip....The Federal Trade Commission is mailing 477,083 refund checks totaling $26,023,329 this week to consumers who bought the sprinkle-on weight-loss supplement Sensa. They are legitimate refund checks, and must be cashed within 60 days of the date they are issued, or will become void.

      The refunds stem from a January 2014 settlement with the marketers of Sensa, who claimed that consumers could “sprinkle, eat, and lose weight” by using the product. According to the FTC’s complaint, the California-based company, its parent company, and two individuals, including the product’s inventor, deceptively advertised that the powder enhances food’s smell and taste, making users feel full faster, so they eat less and lose weight without changing their diet or exercise routine. The FTC’s complaint alleged, among other things, that the defendants did not have competent and reliable scientific evidence to support the weight-loss claims. The defendants charged $59 for a one-month supply of Sensa.

    4. So they were sprinkling mono-sodium glutamate? Now, that is funny. Raye does not think the truth matters so naturally she would ignore the need to research the product. It is nice to know she is intellectually consistent - She probably things Pi is a matter of opinion, too.

    5. Following a $26 million fine by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission in 2014, the company ceased operations

      Neurologist Alan Hirsch created this crystallized product that you sprinkle onto food. According to Sensa, its blend of maltodextrin, tricalcium phosphate, silica, and flavoring enhances food's scents and tricks your brain to make you feel full faster
      source: (bottom: JJ Virgin NYT expert' soft promotion)

      Apropos "Hirsch" (deer), interesting name, yet another one whose ancestors came to US under disguise of being German? LOL! You can trace them back and sort them out by their special engagements, for example in the money making business.
      Surprise surprise (not) Mister Hirsch was a sex-expert as well, how convenient, selling sex advice and arousal aromas ... just sprinkle these deerly sensa perls. LOL!
      Books by Alan R. Hirsch

      SEX SELLS! So this was the right thing for Raye Smith. Yet another scam.
      Is there anything she got involved to that did not turn out to be a swindle?


    6. MSG is an appetizer, it would have had the opposite effect, making people eat more than necessary.
      So it might be another non-declared ingredient that effects the brain at the same synapses the way MSG does but to the contrary. Mister Hirsch's dirty little secret, an anti-MSG? Side effects? Brain damage included?


    7. How Funny! Rayelan - the Queen of Cons! I did not notice that she ate less because of the stuff. But probably no one did. What a con.

      And she has to use cons and scams originated by others because she is not original enough to think them up herself. Not that we wish she would. She and Morgan have a lot in common. Morgan was always deciding she was an artist and producing these dreadful pieces which she then inflicted on everyone, asserting they should be grateful. Rayelan told me when I first arrived she could not arrange flowers and Lee had made her feel inferior because she could not do that or cook. She asked if I would arrange flowers and let her tell people she did it. I was already arranging them so I told her to go ahead. They were, honestly, very boring and ordinary.

      We should make a list of the scams and cons and MLMs she had going. Do you have any more dates for these?

    8. MSG is toxic

  7. Melinda
    (nice name btw)
    little by little we collect enough sources to write a humorous satirical book titled, for example:
    Always Gone Awry
    Tinnef Marketing Tales*/*/*/*/


    1. Hi G! Yes, the book has to be written, and it is actually sort of writing itself as the Big R gives us soooooo much material. Readership on Rayelan Allan was spotty except for the first month in 2012 when the Attack of the Monster Manchesters was on. I wonder what was going on with the RA site?