Thursday, September 4, 2014

Offered Negotiation

A negotiated settlement was offered by Melinda. Rayelan refused. 

Because of the behavior Rayelan exhibited, which included running around and screaming, Melinda came to believe this was not likely to happen.

But that is not to say Melinda is unwilling to negotiate. This would have to take place with some stipulations. 

The Negotiation will include all subjects directly, or indirectly relating to these matters, including communications with parties not specifically named at this time or who were known to be involved in the attacks on Melinda, and Rayelan, by The Duke and Duchess of Manchester, Morgan Pillsbury Gell, Jay E. Gell, Craig Franklin and other parties named on the voice mails presently in the possession of Melinda.  

All of these individuals will be contacted and informed of the proceedings going forward and provided with questions in the form of Interrogatories.   Interrogatories from the parties can also be used to clarify issues in advance of the negotiation. 


The negotiation will be arbitrated by a mutually agreed on party who is not now, or has ever been, paid by either party. 

Melinda nominates for this role Father David Evans, formerly Interim Pastor for St. Peter Church, Ashtabula.

Input from the parties will be subject to cross examination by the other party and follow up questions can be asked and must be answered. This will take place under oath for penalty of perjury.

Evidence can be presented and used during questions to parties. 

Witnesses are allowed and will be seated outside the room where the negotiation is taking place until called.  

Otherwise, the only individuals present will be the Negotiator, the parties, and the videographer, who will make a record of the proceedings.  

Neither party will use an attorney, but speak for themselves and conduct their own cross examinations.  

Both parties will provide their financial records for all accounts under their control from the beginning of 2011 to present. This includes all corporate accounts for which a party may be a beneficiary or signee. Any IRS records for the person personally or for a corporation they control must also be provided.

The proceedings will be videotaped and the video put up on line with a link to Rumor Mill News and the Rayelan Report. 

Rayelan has Melinda's email address, if she is interested.   

Note:  Addition September 4, 2014 7:25PM Eastern Time.  

No communication has been received from Rayelan.   


  1. Don't hold your breath MPF

    1. That was never my intention. But the offer is sincere. RMN Readers, and others, have a right to get the facts about the people they are supporting and trusting.