Monday, September 15, 2014

RayeAlity - A Tiny Micocasm in the Human Story

A Rayelan UPDATE

We have now learned Rayelan never intended to move, just shuffle around hundreds of boxes of junk which she gloats over as the coming source of her prosperity. I wonder what this costs every month? Perhaps Rayelan needs more than the basic $3,000 to cover it.  

Clearly, she has failed to notice the continued deterioration of the economy which has forced people to sell everything they have to keep afloat. She will not even recover the cost of storing this boxed bounty in the growing number of units for which she pays rent monthly. 

Here is one.  From:  The Economic Collapse 

As others make haste to minimize their 'stuff' and move to off grid utilities and local growing, Rayelan continues her life as usual.   

RMN Readers take note: The Move was typical Rayelan Production. You are subsidizing it and Rayelan wants this to continue. The question is, do you?

Rayelan Recruits

Also, Rayelan is dependent on having people she can talk to as she puts the finishing touches on her newest story line painting herself as a victim.

These productions bring out the Drama Queen in Rayelan, as she beats her chest (A lot of territory there), sighing and emoting on her many troubles and how everyone takes advantage of her.  

Egocentric and Grandiose

Psychopaths have a narcissistic and grossly inflated view of their own self-worth and importance, a truly astounding egocentricity and sense of entitlement, and see themselves as the centre of the universe, justified in living according to their own rules.

Again, read the full list of psychopathic characteristics from which this is copied.   

Does she consider the rising tide of Ebole, for which 160,000 HazMat suits have now been purchased by the US Government? Doubtful.

If you have not yet read the materials provided on this hot issue from Natural News I repost these and other on-point articles on American Vision Magazine.

You should take time out from Rayelan's exciting life to view the videos and read these articles. Hyperbaric therapy may be a workable treatment. I'm now working on an article on this.

Back the RayeAlity - (The alternative space where Rayelan lives to emote.)

Because of the constraints felt by people having to cope with the larger reality of life Rayelan is careful to choose individuals whose personal lives have been lived in a marginalized world and for whom the fantasies of her aristocratic background and being a Princess from Obergon seem entirely reasonable.

These individuals cannot be blamed for their lack of worldly understanding.

If one lives on a steady diet of soap operas and Fox News reality can be a difficult concept. For these reasons questions do not arise from their minds when asked to believe outrageous falsehoods.

And Hobie-Zapper-Jeff Gordon continues to be with us in multiple guises. 


 The piece of wood descending on a diagonal at the bottom, right is the bannister.  The area beyond is the foyer, to the left, is the front door.  The area to the right leads to a short hall, about four feet long,  with a door to the basement down to the right.  Ahead is the kitchen.  This area now has the appearance of having been converted in to a closet.  

The windows beyond would lead into the living room, if they opened.  But I don't know that they do any more and I have not tried.  

 The red drape to the right closes off the kitchen area and the rest of this area is filled with 'stuff.'  

Notice the white folded table, bottom left, which entirely shuts off the area.  It would make a heck of a racket to try to get in.  

The door into the kitchen and basement is barred and I have no access.  

So, if it were possible this would be the only way into the downstairs area.  But I have no desire to try to do this.  It is too creepy.  

What do you say?  

Does this look like enough proof to justify a nomination for Hoarders to you? 

I must point out it is the outrageous slanders and lies told by Rayelan, and those she is paying, which force me to provide proof of the absurdity of their claims.  I am still not using their names, which shows great restraint on my part. 

No one is, or should be, immune from having the truth known about them.  The truth needs no excuse and makes no apology, it just is.

When someone relies on being able to silence the truth to make their slanders believed then you are entitled to what is necessary to ensure the truth is known.  

In addition, it is then reasonable to assume they learned their ethics and values from a source which depends on devious and covert behavior.   

The person engaging in this behavior may well have held some questionable job, for instance, working as an operative for the CIA, turning their friends in for using pot, starting a sexual relationship with a Drug Lord for the purpose of reporting to a covert agency.  

Or accepted an assignment to compromise the reputation of someone in public trust whose views were inconvenient to these same covert agencies. 

Long live transparency and truth!   

Now let's see if she cleans it up.  Putting up a door at the kitchen would really be better, although it might impinge on the storage gained.  



  1. If she doesn't make an episode of Hoarders she has a shot at Storage Wars. Competent business woman, indeed.

  2. No, looks more like Hoarders to me. But I just heard I am being accused of sneaking into the basement to rifle through boxes stored there by one of Rayelan's 'employees.' I have no access to that part of the house, especially the basement. See the Addendum above to see this is true.

  3. Hoarders usually involves copious amounts of animal feces and cockroach infestations. Doesn't look too dirty yet.

  4. I don't think it is too dirty there. It is a closet and I only rarely see or hear either people or dogs there. Also, she pays cleaners.