Wednesday, September 3, 2014

How to use this site

This site is laid out to allow you to learn the facts about Darlene Rae Smith, AKA Rayelan Allen of Rumor Mill News.  

Rayelan looks like a benign old lady.  This is deceiving.  

Think of this as a tutorial taking you into the murky world of psychopaths and disinformation agents. 

Is Rayelan a disinformation agent for a murky government agency who makes her living by marginalizing the truth and keeping readers focused on a salvation which will come from someplace besides themselves?  

Is Rayelan a psychopath?  

There are no contradictions between these two categories.  the disordered, viewing normal, empathic people whose actions are constrained and directed by having a conscience, are the perfect candidates for the work the NWO wants done.  

That this impacts normal people, like the Powers - Lee Family, is entirely irrelevant to either them or their agents.  

More reorganization will take place as better ways to organize the material occur.  

Research takes time, but it, too, will continue.  

Updates list new research and events taking place.  

Time Line provides you with background so the events now taking place make sense. 

Rayelan's Manipulations explain how she brings in victims and cycles them through her life. 

Blessings of the End Times explains those who are among humanity, but not human.  

Psychopathy is a list of the characteristics of Psychopathy copied from Dr. Robert Hare, a leading expert on the subject.

Journalistic Ethics is copied from the Society of Professional Journalists and lays out what constitutes ethical practice. 

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