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UPDATE - Another Poor, Poor Little Me, the Queen of Disinformation, Rayelan the Princess of OMG

And remember, this Offer to Negotiate a Settlement!
Rayelan's lies are so continuous and outrageous there is no point in continually refuting them in these separate posts.
Check out this website, which provides commentary, TIME LINE, and evidence.
Her writing reminds me of the Manchesters, actually. It is heavily laden with self-aggrandizement and ego and ignores the facts.
The Duke of Manchester 
Again, for your further consideration here is the list of Psychopathic Characteristics
Hold these characteristics in your mind as you read on.

From the TIME LINE maintained on Rayelan Report you will find these proofs I was working for RMN while still resident in California. These are reproduced below.
       October  19 -      Employment Letter, Director of Advertising, RMN 
Rayelan Lied, blatantly and without conscience.
As I have said before, this was not my idea. But now I understand what Rayelan was trying to achieve by enticing me to leave my home and come to Ohio.
She was being paid by my former husband, Craig Franklin, who is also a psychopath.
These articles may interest you.
SaddamHussein and 9/11 – The Unexpected Connection

Below are a few amusing points are worth some comment.
See article written at the time. Bathroom Trauma
Rayelan used the upstairs bathroom whenever she liked. She clearly considered both bathrooms, she has a half bath downstairs for her own use, to be her territory. Every cupboard was filled with her stuff, hair products, skin products, personal beautifying products of all kinds and small appliances were thick upon every conceivable surface. 
Although everyone used the bathroom Rayelan never moved her stuff, which packed all available storage.  There was no room for anyone else. And these were not the products she used, they were just extras. This was clear because they were dusty when I arrived.  
She also brought her dogs along for baths, leaving a soaking mess on the floor behind her. 
This was annoying because as a condition of my coming out she agreed to keep her dogs downstairs to save our elderly cat from being savaged. Before we came Rayelan assured me her dogs exemplified perfection in doggish behavior and always behaved like gentlemen toward cats.
 We had not been there for more than a few days when I realized what whopper this was. They barked continually, fought, snarled, snapped, and left fecal and urinary deposits on the floor. Buck, while a nice dog in many ways, also grabbed food off the table. 

 Rayelan told me he was used to actually sitting at the table at an earlier time.
The dogs were doubtless the source of the Black Mold which began bringing up the floor tiles. To be fair, the bathroom had been remodeled using wall board, not green board, so while this probably happened more rapidly than would otherwise have been the case, it was in the cards.
 Our cat is very elderly and was terrified every time the dogs, usually accompanied by Rayelan, charged up the stairs. The cat has refused to leave my son's bedroom for the entire time we have been here. If I had known I would not have come. Although her behavior was extremely rude I did not complain and often found myself cleaning up after her before the bathroom was fit to be used.
That reminded me, Rayelan lied about the cost of these repairs. Bathroom Trauma
The Saga of the Bathroom was yet another Rayelan Whopper, which converted the lie into cash via online Panhandling to RMN Readers
Pay attention to the photos and the cost estimate based on the materials I saw used for repairs.
This did not change until The Bathroom Incident, link above.Then, suddenly, Rayelan did stop bathing in the upstairs bathroom.  We never discussed this as all communications had ceased  because of her screaming tantrums and the scenes she created when I asked one civil question.  
DRAMA QUEEN.  Check the Characteristics of Psychopaths 
Rayelan as an adult responsible for her own 'stuff?' Never
Rayelan was told by her handyman the bathroom would need to be emptied so he could carrying out repairs and paint.  We all know what this means.  You have to find a temporary home for everything. 
Rayelan ignored this. I suspect her inability to go pack up her own stuff is why it took so long for the Powers - Lee Family to move her after they arrived in Watsonville.  

I would love to interview them for the book.  

Moving the stuff had to be done.  Steve looked at me, I shrugged and started.  Moving my stuff involved picking up a small basket parked on a shelf in back of the toilet.  This took around 45 seconds. 

Moving Rayelan's 'stuff' involved three huge bags and several boxes packed to overflowing.  I did it for her so the repairs could take place.   Stored items were carried up to the attic. Time expended:  An hour and a half for a SMALL bathroom.  Is it any wonder there were 250 boxes of her stuff to move downstairs, with more remaining?  

Did she thank me?  No, she only complained, claiming I had 'stolen' her stuff.  The disconnects in Rayelan's brain are monumental. 

Since she and I share no preferences for personal hygiene this was absurd. But Rayelan is always absurd when you actually see how she lives and understand the enormous, gaping chasm between the Rayelan Reality and the Rayelan Fantasy.   
Rayelan is a slob of astounding proportions, in all meanings of the word.

Rayelan's bathing habits
Although Rayelan had a membership at the YMCA I saw no evidence she used it for anything. She did not seem to like exercising and stopped going after I had been here only a few months.
I stopped cooking healthy food for all of us when I found the junk food containers in the trash.  She seemed to get up to eat then, after claiming she was feeling poorly when faced with anything organic.  
Melinda and her Community Activities
Involvement in community activities which 'give back' is something I have been doing since I was a teenager.
Someplace there is a list of organizations I have belonged to and a slightly shorter list of organizations in which I served as an officer of some kind.  
While I was President of Business and Professional Women in Santa Barbara I was in charge of various fundraisers and also worked with hospice and through my church. While an officer in the Elks Lodge I put on fundraisers and events, donating to these and assisting with charities put on by other members. I was also active politically and served as Vice President for the Santa Barbara Chapter of the National Federation of Republican Women.  
I wrote articles, did graphics, flyers, organized events and did fundraising.   

During this time I served as Royal Matron for the Riviera Court. 
I was raised to believe this is expected of each of us.
At St. Peter Church I was asked to serve on Vestry. This involves working in any capacity required. 
 I also put on a breakfast once a month for the disadvantaged here locally. No one does these things to become known.
There is also work to be done setting up for the meals after funerals and helped with the rummage sale. This is not glamorous work, but it is necessary. 
The column I write was not my idea. The Editor of the paper asked me to do a column every week on any topic which interested me when I was running for president. I am now up to 113.
If people know who I am it is because I do things they respect and value. Doing charitable work is not generally considered to be a vice.
Rayelan has no idea how the real world of community and cooperation operates.  I suspect she does not even know it exists.  
Rayelan's 'activism' was limited to running a beading group. The event which most excited her was the Mother - Daughter Dinner for Valentine's Day.  Rayelan donated an enormous number of items for the drawing.  She was absolutely glowing as she handed them out to winners. 
The beading group allowed her to store her not inconsiderable cache of supplies at the church which, doubtless, relieved some of the horrific crowding at the house.
I believed this project eventually raised $35.00.
I later found out Rayelan was using the regular Beading Meetings to tell outrageous stories about me and my son.
You have to give her credit for consistency.
PS – Rayelan has shown no sign of being spiritual whatsoever. Talking about how spiritual you are is painfully pathetic to hear since spirituality is an inner journey and, by its nature, solitary.
Rayelan claims many attributes which are not in evidence so, again, she is consistent.

And coming soon, a much needed leavening of humor, which will include a comedy routine based on Gunther and the Gold  

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    I edited my first newsletter as an adult for the Libertarian Party beginning during the ballot drive to get Roger MacBride on the ballot in California in 1975. Since then I have done five, one print the rest online. Now, it is a matter of finding writers who are actually covering subjects not receiving attention but which should be. Since 2003 I have been monitoring right and left and convergent writers for events and writers who covered alt tech and subjects of interest. One of these is psychopathy. Another is finance. I have also published in these areas myself. 300 of these articles are on

    On the Neocons I was the first to publish on Cato and the Kochs and Ronald Reagan as a hire. For tech subjects I pass things by a physicist who worked at the Stanford Institute. 9/11 I have contacts to the scientists group. One of them started circulating this article which I wrote this week.

    Yet. I am here. Working.