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Offer of Settlement Made and Ignored

If you have read Rayelan's latest Post, Read the letter below, too. It is pointless to hear only one side of the story.

Rayelan has consistently painted me as someone who is vindictive, irrational, incompetent, profligate and unreasonable. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Offer of Settlement

Rayelan received a formal demand for settlement from my attorney and ignored it in September, 2013, continuing to harass me and my son and lie about both of us and misrepresent our original agreement. USPS Certificate

She was slandering me at the church we both attended. She attempted to persuade the minister to support her. He refused. He remembered what he had heard when we first started going there and knew enough to see she was attempting to evade our original agreements.

Rayelan's behavior has been outrageous. At the same time she accuses me of being profligate she spends money like it was water. She eats out constantly, is continually buying more 'stuff' which she then has to rent storage units to accommodate, and hires people to sit and listen to her talk.

And let's not forget her threats to hire a hitman to kill me and my son. The voice on the message is Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester who called his former wife, Wendy's answering machine at work to deliver this ugly message.

I have consistently offered to settle. I came to Ohio already working for RMN as the Director of Advertising and in expectation of becoming a partner in Rubicon Aegis, LLC, which owns Rumor Mill News. Housing was part of the benefit package I was offered.

There was no need for me to relocate just to do the advertising job. I pointed this out to Rayelan when she first offered this as her reason for suggesting I come to Ohio.

The distance, and my home in California were reason enough for refusing.

I am very reluctant to drive because my vision is poor and I can only drive during the day. I had not driven further than two hundred miles from 2005 – November 2011, when I left California for Ohio, with a brief stop in Montana to write an article on a gubernatorial candidate there.

Still, Rayelan insisted and made the offer more attractive, adding health care to the package, along with becoming Chief Operating Officer for Rubicon Aegis, LLC. After some time, I agreed.

On October 19th Rayelan wrote an employment letter for me as Director of Advertising for RMN. On that date I had been doing the job since around September 13th. On the 13th I sent this email, including new pricing for ads, to Rayelan.

I did not then know Angel was still doing this job. Another question to be answered is why Rayelan would offer me the job when Angel still believed it was hers. When I discovered this I was shocked. Angel depended on the income and this was highly unethical on Rayelan's part. I only learned this within the last year.

One of my first jobs upon reaching Ashtabula was to make up business cards for each of us which reflected our understanding Rubicon Aegis, LLC would become active in business and in managing Rumor Mill News. 


Graphics is generally part of my work. All of the graphics on Koch Truths are mine.

Rayelan lies to evade accountability as a matter of routine. She seems to have no awareness that the truth, facts, matter.

If you have not examined the facts, do so. This is not limited to the present Rayelan Posts. These are universally both deceptive and dishonest as to why I am presently forced to live in Ashtabula. But that is not the only reason you should pay attention to what I am writing and read the links provided.

Reread Rayelan's Posts for a long way back.

Do not overlook the issue of the Family Campground or her all too frequent pleas for money.

My only reason for coming to Ohio was because Rayelan begged me to do so because she said she was being victimized by the Powers – Lee Family, her health was breaking down because of this and because she made it worth my while to do so.

Read this recent post on the site I put up to ensure the truth was available, Rayelan Report

Rayelan does not behave like someone who is familiar with business or is attuned to how people should be treated.

The Powers – Lee Family

The more I discovered about Rayelan, the Powers – Lee Family, and RMN the less sense Rayelan's actions made to me.

The Powers – Lee Family dropped what they were doing to move Rayelan to Ohio. She had known them, especially Angel, for ten years. Why did she move them out so she could move me in?

At the time I came to Ohio I was a columnist at the Lone Star Iconoclast, then one of the most well read American publications in Europe. Articles published in the Lone Star were read as mainstream information there and then bounced back to the US with a much higher readership.

This came about because in 2004 it was the Lone Star, the hometown paper of President Bush, which endorsed Kerry instead. Their editorial changed the entire dialog in the last weeks of the 2004 Presidential Race. In the weeks that followed their servers crashed as millions of people around the world tried to get on the site. New crews came from every point on the globe.

Kerry understood the impact the Lone Star Editorial had. It was expected he would win, and he probably did. We now know the election was stolen via voting machine, orchestrated by Karl Rove. 
The Radio Show

In late July or early August Rayelan asked me to do a radio show when she was filling out the schedule she no longer wanted to take herself. I started doing radio in 2006 at BBS and have had shows on any number of stations. That same day BBS called and asked me to take a show there. In no case have I ever been asked to pay to do a show on any station. My shows are popular and draw listeners.

It is true that my show ended at the MicroEffect the first time, I had only been there for a short while, when Rayelan decided she wanted to do a show. Since selling airtime is a reliable source of income this did not surprise me, though I mentioned it to Rayelan when I recalled it much later.

Radio is a business. Joe was free to do what he wanted. I did not resent this. Soon afterward I had another show on another station.

The reasons I will never enter into a business with Rayelan are many. Her lack of honesty and decency are only two of these.

The Opportunity which moved me to Ohio

I am not wealthy and as the caretaker for my severely disabled son was reluctant to leave the house on which I am still be paying a mortgage in California, plus other expenses which would be replicated in Ohio. On these grounds I again refused to move.

I am rigidly careful about what I spend and careful of resources. Rayelan's comments on this are just more lies. Stop by sometime, take a tour and see how Rayelan lives. Bring a strong stomach.

To overcome the objections for the cost of relocating Rayelan offered to pay my way. I let her pay for part of the cost when I finally agreed to come. The records will reflect this.

Housing was to be one of my benefits for relocating to Ohio, not for the job of Director of Advertising, but as COO of Rubicon Aegis, LLC.

The relocation was to be temporary as I have other work and responsibilities in California. But after I arrived, weirdly enough, Rayelan insisted we were sisters in her life as Princess of Obergon, a book I had never heard of, and that I must live with her forever, or as long as I lived. She off-handedly commented this would not be long, causing me to wonder what she meant.

I asked Rayelan when we could start taking RMN up to the next level. Suddenly, Rayelan had financial problems which made the needed changes impossible – unless I would pay for them myself or find volunteers. You could have knocked me over with a feather.

But she had already gotten me to clean out the basement and do other work for her which was not compensated.

Rayelan lied to you when she said I was a 'house guest' who drove 3,000 miles to stay through the winter because I had no other place to go. I had spent winters at my cabin since 2005, with one exception when I visited with family.

Rayelan lies consistently and constantly. She is proficient at manipulating others, especially with her tales of woe. As time went on I saw how she invented problems so she could milk Readers for more money while her own excess spending continued unabated.

I asked her how she intended to pay for what was needed to make RMN into the tool it could be to advance solutions if she kept indulging herself. She had no answer to this.

Knowing too Much

A few days ago I published an article which is now being read widely. The title is, Saddam Hussein and 9/11 - The unexpected connection.”

The article is largely drawn from my personal experiences with the NeoCon establishment. When you know too much they go after you.

In late 2002, as the While House was maneuvering to bring on war a glitch appeared. Saddam Hussein was eager to leave Iraq, if he was paid. He had had nothing to do with 9/11 and there were no weapons of mass destruction. Saddam probably thought this way the Bush White House could deliver Iraqi oil for their own friends, cutting out Russia and France.

But that did not happen. The article tells you why and how I know this.

It also sheds light on the kind of people who provide weapons of mass destruction for our military, those ubiquitous contractors we mostly ignore. They are approximately as ethical as the NeoCons, and as Operation Iraqi Freedom was ramping up one company, Green Hills Software, Inc., cut a deal to keep Saddam's offer quiet. I was the person they wanted to silence.

There is nothing you cannot tell me about how ruthless and without conscience globalists are. I know. Lying us into war, lying to evade accountability, lying for any and all reasons is common to those without conscience.

Because what I experienced was so incredible I began saving the proof and making it available online

Rayelan shows many of the same characteristics as do the NeoCons and those entrenched in the New World Order. Characteristics of Psychopathy

She is grandiose, refuses to take responsibility for her actions, and is endlessly self-indulgent.

My losses and Rayelan's friends, the Duke and Duchess of Manchester

Rayelan not only asked me to do a radio show, she persuaded me to extend credit to her beloved friends, the Duke and Duchess of Manchester. Manchester TIMELINE

As a result of Rayelan's assurances to me that they were people of good character, I worked for nearly two months, put up a website, did several hundred hours of interviews, and other work and was paid nothing.

The entire exercise with the Manchesters was supposedly aimed at correcting the falsehoods which, they complained , were being told about them in the media. I designed a PR campaign for them.

To raise money Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, decided to sell some videos which he said he owned and had never been viewed. He lied.

I later learned the videos were stolen from his former wife, to whom he had given them as a present for their 10th Anniversary. And, they were already online so could not be marketed as he wanted with any degree of honesty.

I was to be paid by receiving a percentage of the selling price of these videos. Rayelan was also to be paid in this way.

After everything was ready to go Manchester backed out of the deal and found another agent.

I demanded to be paid for the work done, which was far more than the work which went into preparing the presentation materials for the videos. When they refused I changed the password on the website and told them we needed to make payment arrangements.

When it became clear he was not going to be able to steal my work without consequence he, Laura, his wife, and others working with them, began calling my clients and editors telling them lies about me.

These included the fabrication I was wanted in multiple states and was passing bad checks. I have never had even a parking ticket and the only check I ever had bounced, in 1991, was the fault of the bank, which wrote a letter to that effect to the one person impacted. The amount involved was $15.00.

Outrageously, they put up records for women named Mary or Melinda Foster as proof. One of these women, they were all different, was black.

I have used only Melinda Pillsbury-Foster since 1974. Pillsbury is my born name, Foster is my great-grandmother's born name. Since that time I have used both names together. With my unusual first name I appear to be the only person using this name in the world.

My great-grandmother, Dr. Harriet Foster Pillsbury, graduated from the Women's Infirmary of New York in 1880. She risked arrest teaching women about their health, their bodies, and how to ensure their children stayed healthy.

Benjamin and Mary Jane Sargent Pillsbury, my great-great grandparents, provided a stop on the Underground Railroad, an illegal act carried out from conviction slavery was wrong.

By using their names I affirmed their values.

The harassment by the Manchesters included death threats. I later learned that they were working with my former husband, Craig Franklin. Together, they managed to take 49 of my sites off line, costing me an amount impossible to calculate in losses.

Some months later I learned Rayelan knew perfectly well the charges of bigamy were true and therefore Alex has anything but a good character.

Wendy, Alex's former wife, had provided her with the proof from the trial held on July 19, 2011 to determine if the Manchester children could receive support from the Manchester Trust.

In 2007 Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, left his wife, Wendy, the mother of his two children and attempted to force her to pay him alimony and child support. When this failed, in part because his financial records were obtained by Wendy's attorney showing he had about a million dollars in the bank, and he was required by the Court in Orange County to pay both alimony and support his children.

Then, in 2009, he told the Trustees, he was still married to his first wife, Marion, when he married Wendy. He had also failed to inform Wendy when his mother, Lady Mary Montagu, forced him to sign divorce papers or mention these facts when the divorce became absolute on October 28, 1996. Certified Divorce Decree

Until Alexander called her to boast of what he had done Wendy knew nothing about his having been married previously..

Wendy, reading online about Rayelan's having removed a true article about the bigamy, contacted her in early 2010 to offer proof. Rayelan refused to listen. She failed to check or even receive the documents Wendy offered.

When I asked her about this, after getting to know Wendy, Rayelan said, “I'm not a journalist and the facts don't matter.” That, left me speechless.

So, from August 2011 for two months I defended a bigamist instead of continuing to build a client base. Instead of writing and putting out regular articles on subjects of interest to people concerned with my own core issues, peace, freedom, justice, and care of the Earth I listened to Rayelan telling me over and over what nice people the Manchesters were.

This was a lie which cost me dearly.

On August 1 Ilene Proctor, who I had been working with for some years, had asked me to review the new book by Vincent Bugliosi, The Divinity of Doubt. Vincent then asked if they could use quotes from the review on the paperback version.

Reviews help build name recognition for the writer and build out the circle of people you work with in the media. At the time I was entirely focused on jobs which paid. Rayelan promised I would be paid. Surprise, it did not happen.

So, why would Rayelan have told me so many lies, slowly drawing me in and persuading me, with more untruths, to relocate to Ohio? How did my former husband become acquainted with Rayelan's friend, to whom she is still speaking, the Duke of Manchester?

A Possible Explanation

The previous year I had begun seriously studying psychopathy and by this time had written several articles on the subject. I had also put up a website to shed light on the actions of my former husband, Craig Franklin, and the company which had helped him defraud me of about 25 million in stock during the period of our divorce in 1999.

Their software is used for security, guidance, and other ways in a growing number of military and government applications. Green Hills Software, Inc., 97% owned by Dan O'Dowd and their wholly owned subsidiary. These are not small players in these technologies. Today, Green Hills is worth billions and the same is true for Integrity Global Security.

My research has revealed Integrity is not the only wholly owned subsidiary O'Dowd controls and much of this hinges on government and defense.

These contracts began in 2003 for reasons you read about in the article mentioned above.

The stock I should have received would today be worth far more and generate very significant dividends each year.

Psychopaths depend on creating chaos to gain control. It is Standard Operating Procedure.

At this point I believe Rayelan was paid to entice me away from my base of support California and away from work which paid.
Personally, I think she is an operative working for the NWO.

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