Friday, June 2, 2017

The subject of OITC came up today in another context.

As a result, I googled the term and this turned up.  Oh Readers, remember this when Raye whines about the server bill.  

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

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Melinda Pillsbury-Foster has left a new comment on your post "Agent 86 commented, "Fake $400 server bill plus fa...":

It is very likely you are actually Hobie-Jeff Gordon-Zapper attempting to reframe the question. Some have raised the cost of DSL before and certainly businesses pay more. However, if there was such a bill she never, never mentioned it while I was living there. And at the time we were discussing various services and their cost. Additionally, the type of service was the originating point for this discussion. The point was her unwillingness to provide the bill and so prove such a bill existed. I must also recall to you that the security specialist for the Office of International Treasury Control said RMN was hosted on a CIA server farm in North Carolina. The CIA does not generally sell this service. The organization ceased communicating with Raye and I believe, from what I heard and saw, this was one of the reasons. The URL used in the emails does not go to a site, but the security specialist mentioned changing it at one time. It is registered to David Sale, with his phone number.

I'm not making any representations about the organization or what they were doing but Raye looked embarrassed when the security specialist, who had gotten off the call to check the location of the server, which he said he could do remotely. He was clearly shocked.

No explanation has ever been made by Raye of this event. All of my attempts to discuss it with her at the time were futile and resulted in trips to the hospital (for her), as I recall.

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