Saturday, October 18, 2014

And the Move Goes On, and On, and On. (Just like from California)

You might want to read DRS's latest work of fiction

You might want to read DRS's latest work of fiction
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Response -

Well, at least she is consistent. Everything she says is a whopper that would make most psychopaths blush. And the only reason all Readers don't stop even visiting RMN is that they don't know the Princess and Potentate of OurMoneyGone the way I do. 

If you real all the past begging letters you see she changes her story more frequently than she does her underwear.  

Rayelan is always well enough, bright-eyed and bouncy, in fact, when she launches herself out of the house toward a restaurant or some other indulgence. This has been ever true, even when she just had a jaunt to the hospital. Going to the hospital is something most of us avoid because of the cost - but she pays nothing and evidently enjoys the drama. 

 Rayelan is the ultimate Drama Queen.(Note this is a highly psychopathic characteristic.)

The reason she can't “make me leave” is that she refused all offers to negotiate, refused to respond to any letters, and ignored the evidence she knows I would immediately provide to the court that she hired me and then tried to evict me to evade any costs to herself. She even tried to say I drove 3,000 miles to avoid a winter at a place I have owned for twenty years and where I had been living for seven years.

You can't evict someone by telling them to go away. You have to file and show cause. The police have explained this to her on multiple occasions. (The beginning of Alzheimer's, perhaps?  No, more of the same.  Psychopaths think what they say becomes reality. The concept of depositions, objective evidence, and cross-examination evade them.  This is what happened to Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, DRS's beloved friend, in court when he was confronted with his own bank statement showing a balance of nearly a million dollars.  he denied it was his when his name on it!)

She never filed because she would have had to go into court, which is what we, me and those nasty attorneys, were waiting to have happen. I work with attorneys, duly licensed and highly competent, for several of my projects and websites who had already seen the startling proliferation of evidence.  As events continued to develop their interest shifted to the deeper story, which I'm saving for the book, Psychopaths - A Guide to Survival.

All I wanted was to be compensated for what her misrepresentations, lies and failure to follow though on a single promise, made to get me to trade California for Ashtabula, Ohio. It has cost me big time.  

I'm still paying my mortgage in California, instead, living here in the nastiest environment anyone could ever imagine.  It was incredible to me she thought that slandering and libeling me would make it more likely I would put my tail between my legs and slink off.  I fight back against injustice every time. 

At that point I wasn't even asking to be compensated for her having destroyed my income by foisting the Manchesters, her friends, on me and telling me whoppers so big about their 'good character' her nose should have shot through the junk she piles up all around her.

Jim's dog died? This is the first I heard. I saw it a couple of times, but rat poison? What has DRS been smoking? It is far more likely, if it is true the animal even died, that she did it since she had no fondness for any animals but her own.

But Jim had been here for a lot longer than a week the last time I caught a glimpse of his dog. It looked alright then. I don't know why Jim shaved a Golden Retriever, but that was his business, the dog did not appear to be abused.

Jim smokes in the house, a nasty habit.  His own house, around the corner from here, did not have operational plumbing when DRS moved him in.  

I was delighted the two of them were spending time together because they share the same values and habits.  Both adore collecting and buying things at Goodwill and such.  Until then DRS kept asking me to accompany her on these expeditions, which, given the amount of work I was doing on RMN, her projects and my own, meant I was getting no sleep at all.  

You might ask what DRS does with her time.  See above.  The way she spends her time speaks loudly.  

As far as I knew DRS and I were getting along when Jim moved in, this would have been around March or April of 2013.  He had been spending the night for some time so I naturally  assumed love was in the offing.  I might have been mistaken on this point.  Someone later told me Jim is gay.  I have no need, or desire to know more.  We will close the door on this issue.  

Back to Jim's house, left to him by his parents.  It was in good working order when he gained possession, from what he told me.  Therefore, deterioration would have resulted from the failure to maintain it over the years. 

I kindly cover Jim's face.
I always wondered why Jim did not join the local My Neighborhood, which will show you how to maintain and repair your home yourself.   I know several people have used this when they were between a rock and a hard place.   Here is Jim's picture. 

Having heard yet more death threats from downstairs I hope this has a dampening impact on any such plans.  Their unused energy is best applied to packing and moving. 

The incident to which Rayelan refers was not as she reported. 

After having built barriers so I could not wash my clothes in the house and ordering one of her minions to order my son, on her behalf,  not to sit in the living room she walked up stairs without announcing herself and proceeded to tell lies about me, in my hearing and loudly to another of her paid minions. (RMN Readers have paid for quite a large staff for DRS this past year. I an sure they are delighted to know she is well attended.)

I objected to her coming up without knocking. I called the police. She never mentioned wanted to retrieve anything to me. She had her paid minions remove her boxes and other stuff. Hurray! The area has remained beautifully empty. I loath clutter.

Every outlet in Rayelan's area is full and the electric box downstairs looks like it is being attacked by an octopus the last I saw it. None of that is mine, naturally.   I have always been very moderate in my use of energy and other resources. Could any rise in cost, which she does not document, originate from having multiple people living in the basement using all sorts of power tools and appliances as they 'work' for her? 

You might wonder what they are doing.  So do I. I cannot imagine.  This is a rented house.  DRS had an option to buy but moving does indicate she has no intention of doing so, right? 

Does excess in acquiring 'stuff' you can't even store extend to the use of other resources, like electricity?  An interesting point for research.  

She fills up every possible niche with junk. I was told by Tom she had five, FIVE, of the large storage units, 10 x 20, I understood,  stuffed to capacity.

No one from the police said a word to me about what transpired and I talked to the other officer for a good long time. They had walked through the downstairs.  It required no comment from me to see she is a hoarder.

Are any of the RMN Readers going to demand to see proof of anything from Rayelan?What about the RMN Family Campground/Retreat?

Today I spent 16 hours on the computer and you can bet I was not writing about The Princess and High Potentate of OurMoneyGone.

And, addendum to the Permit for a Parking Place on the lawn – I called to check. She lied.  You might remember, DRS paid one of her minions to put in a parking place, removing part of the lawn.  She then discovered she needed a permit for do this and it was unlikely to be issued because she was violating some regulation passed by the City Council.  But Tom told me she had gotten a permit.  Doubting this, I called. 

Anyone parking there could have been ticketed. I suggested DRS's present Staff call themselves to check on my statement, relayed from the Office of Planning and Development for Ashtabula at 440-992-7118, that no permit was ever issued.

Her source for the pods, for which RMN Readers are paying, is They are pricy, but provide great service, according to their reviews. I'm sure RMN Readers will be happy to know DRS makes sure she gets the best.

Disappointingly, no moving seemed to be going on today. Let's hope it restarts tomorrow or Monday.


  1. Her supporters do not require proof, they are slack jawed idiots with more money than intelligence. She lies all the time. She started out claiming she needed donations to put a bathroom in the basement because of her menieres disease. Just a month or two ago she claimed she was bathing at the Y and sponge bathing herself so she did not need to pay the gas bill. Now she claims she has a shower in her basement. Nice of her to make capital improvements to rented property, nobody does that.

    Just a sample of the stellar intelligence of her loyal readers

    Anonymous gave $200
    I wish I could send you more Rayelan.
    Thank you for all that you are doing for humanity.
    Be safe and be well.

    ShadowSoul gave $300
    The pen is mightier than the sword. Truth is out there.

    1. I'm not going to disagree with you about her Readers who donate. She tried to put in a shower downstairs some time ago. Evidently she did not check to see if it would fit. It didn't - so she got rid of it. And most of what she does to this place is not exactly any improvement. But it does cost money.

      The whole thing is mind boggling. The incompetence is astounding. My Dad was raised by a father who thought you should know how to do anything, or be able to learn how. Check out the site I do for Grandfather

  2. But wait, the crisis is not over!;read=2178

    Rosemary Hackney ( NIghtWisp ) gave $100

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    carl tmacane gave $500

    every body on this site .theres 170 or so right now on this and hundreds more checking it out and the majority don't give one cent I think that is really sad. u all have a computer and internet toget to this site,come on give a 20.00 or so $ help out Canadian and rae don't dare think about bankruptcy. lets see if these sitting on fence people will come and help u out. ucan post this if u want. sincerely ct ....

    1. You have to say a fool and their money is soon parted. And Rayelan is the lady in fat to do just that!