Sunday, October 5, 2014

Because You Asked - and more.

Yes, it sounds like another megadrama delivered by Jeff "The Barker" Gordon to whines and whimpers by Rayelan the Mighty Magnificent former CIA pop tart. Of course, it has been a long time since she could be considered a pop tart.

When Rayelan and I started talking she told me she was widely known as the “Queen of Conspiracy.” Being of an inquiring nature I googled “Queen of Conspiracy” and Rayelan.

If you look at the post below you will see it was a friend of Rayelan's named Mae Brussell who was the “Queen of Conspiracy.”

Sep 17, 2008 - 13 posts - ‎6 authors

Why Sherman Skolnick had to Die?

Well, I thought I'd put this up here, before it may disappear off the net.

from: rumourmill
Note from Rayelan:

Sherman Skolnick and I had been friends since the 80s. He was a friend of my friend, Mae Brussell the reigning Queen of conspiracy.

I always had a strange feeling about Sherman dying shortly before Barack Obama announced his run for President. I KNEW that Sherman HAD to have known something about this man... and his untimely death prevented him from telling HIS side of the story while Barack was running for President.

I know that Sherman's relatives took all of his research and tossed it into a dumpster. Sadly, that's what usually happens to the work of researchers like Sherman.
Even though I googled the names Skolnick and Obama many times, I never saw this article. A friend just sent it to me.

Maybe this info was posted already.

This was the first time I remember hearing it.

Before the 2004 election, Skolnick says he outed BO was a British agent/asset...
Skolnick died about 11 months before BO announced his presidential run.


Insiders Report It Was Accomplished With The Assistance of the Clinton Mob

Rayelan does not appear to actually research her 'conspiracies.' My article this next week will be on the origin of Conspiracy Theory, as a follow up to last week's article about the AARC Conference. I interviewed Andrew Kreig, who organized the event.  He loved the article.  It is short enough to be read by real people.  It was my 117th article for the local paper. 

Did John F. Kennedy's death Impact You?

Right now facts are leaking from every place and lots of real journalism is happening, thought not on RMN, of course.

So, it appears Rayelan 'borrowed' the title of Queen of Conspiracy from her friend. This is interesting because John Fund did the same thing to a friend of his, Andrew Frankel.

Andrew was appointed to the Trilateral Commission and mentioned this to John. That evening they met at an event for movers and shakers in NY and Andrew listed, mouth open in disbelief, as John told the group he, John, had been appointed to the Trilateral Commission.

Andy and I had dinner together a few days later and he asked me why John would have done this. At the time I did not know about psychopaths. But as it turns out borrowing honors and events from the lives of other people is common for Psychopaths.

John also claimed to have run for office, giving the local newsletter editor reports gleaned from a real campaign. The editor, Eric Garris, who is now the editor for, discovered this and in 2006 Justin Raimondo, another old time Libertarian, wrote an article about it outing John – finally.John Fund vs The Truth 

Psychopaths love drama and borrowing honors is far easier than actually earning them.

As to current events -

Angela Lee was here a few days ago, at least I saw her car. And the histrionic performances were ongoing there for a while for a woman driving a BMW. I have no other information about her. Yet.

I only heard them at a distance having no taste for Rayelan's fantasy lives.

Some boxes have left the premises but far less than was the case earlier. Perhaps she rented another storage unit because the others were entirely spilling over. I was told these are the biggest units and there are many of them so that does mount up.

They were storing things in Jim's house a couple of blocks from here but too many people realized on one was resident and started doing their shopping there. So the stuff had to go someplace, I guess.

Now, why does Rayelan think she can sell her old junk in this economy? I remember her showing me items and telling me how people buy her junk just because it belonged to her so they could, presumably, build some kind of an altar to her in their living rooms. That was the implication, which certainly is in alignment with the ego of your typical psychopath.

Since people are selling everything to keep afloat this is just silly.

I think she has no intention of selling anything because she likes collecting it and owning these exciting items. Several empty boxes appear to have disappeared from the closet she created out of the foyer.


  1. Angela drives a BMW? A woman so averse to working that she lives in a shack without plumbing?

    I see DRS has rallied the troops of "agents" who had lost interest in posting at her Site. Also, it is a bit harder to use her own posts against her to expose the liar that she is.

    1. No, Angela's own car was still there. This appears to be someone otherwise unknown to us. Does Agent mean original content or reposters? These two things could not be more different. I write my own articles, reposting is the function of an editor putting up content which will be of interest to the readers of the publication. I have several of these and repost, using the approved guidelines.

  2. Yes, "agent" are copy and pasters. The deletion of posts is definitely being used as a fund 'raizer'. Wonder who is doing the advertising if revenues have fallen 80% as they claim? Where are the backup copies? Are we to believe internet whiz guy zapper had no backups? Not believable.

    hobie -- Monday, 6-Oct-2014 05:21:11

    hobie -- Sunday, 5-Oct-2014 18:54:02

    1. The solution to all conspiracies and to the nastiness of con-persons of all kinds is TRANSPARENCY. This is desperately needed on Rumor Mill News. Rayelan has always controlled all content and brooks no real dialog. Real journalists and thinkers therefore go elsewhere quickly leaving her with a readership who do not question once they engage emotionally and are on a trust only basis.

      This is how all fascists and corporatists operate.

      The percentage of people who check is rising as the number of disinformation sites, and lies from all sources, continues to be outed. This would naturally reflect in advertising revenue. Thanks for contacting me again! Be well, Melinda