Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Rayelan's Middle Name is Calloused Unconcern


Rayelan is a psychopath.

And did DRS, the psychopath, provide one shred of evidence for anything? No, because she knows perfectly well the truth will end her game FOREVER.

As I write this I can hear her ranting downstairs. Her foul language would make a stevedore blanch.

Oh, if she could only talk, right? Let her. Every time she opens her mouth she commits slander. When she writes, she commits libel. The woman, literally, cannot tell the truth.

And let's get some answers about the Family Campground and how she spends the money handed over to her discretion by RMN Readers.

I spend my time working at my computer for solutions and the means to direct these into the mainstream. It is frustrating when what needs to happen is so close to the tipping point I can taste it even as the dangers we face continue to mount.

The corporate centralization of power through the conversion of government to their private control is destroying our world. If you read alternative sources at all you know this.

It happened slowly over generations but we are now living in the end game.

Those of us who care about providing real solutions for a world now poised on the edge of disaster in every imaginable way should consider what role DRS could possibly have with her focus on trinkets and moving piles of her hoarding from one place to another. If I had known what she is really like I would not have come out here.

I just spend two hours on the phone with a physicist who worked on the linear accelerator project. Now he is moving toward materials technology which will allow us to build homes, businesses, and infrastructure which will still be standing in a thousand years. We have it. MIT tested it and projected a longevity of 16,000 years.

We just need to get it to market past the resistance of building inspectors and contractors who are not hot for innovation.

The time for talking is over. If we are to survive we need to build out the exit from the grids which are enslaving us.

I came here because she told me RMN, with its readership, could make it possible for me to do what I have been working on for ten years. We need an informational hub, one where people get real alternatives outside the control of the Corporate Controllers who, today, are bleeding us dry. The technologies are there, they are mature, and it is essential that steps be taken to main stream these.

In places around the US today people are getting off the grid, cutting the power into their homes because solar has finally made this possible.

I regularly talk to some of the people who are actually doing this. One new solar business for whom I provide ideas and connections is well thought out, affordable, and they have thoroughly researched how homeowners can fund their purchase and get it paid off in a reasonable period of time. No grid ties there. Off completely.

This is no pie in the sky operation, is up, working and selling. They have a fist full of orders and need to move so they keep their momentum. They need a bridge loan to ramp up to the next level.

They are willing to accept a funder who wants an equity position if it is a good fit.

I do a lot more thinking about building out the present stubbled path to a real off grid world than I spend thinking about DRS, rest assured. The grid goes a lot farther than energy. Think building materials which last for generations, food which is local and organic, localizing commerce and jobs which return people to the dignity of working for themselves, for their families and their communities.

I came out here because I thought RMN was a resource for this. Certainly that is what DRS told me she wanted to do. As I realized how little her words meant I felt rage. And I had more than one reason for this.

I have a disabled son who will always need care. Rayelan told me she loved my son and wanted to be a second mother to him. She told me she would take care of him if anything happened to me. My worst nightmare is having him left with no one.

Rayelan knew just how to seduce me – and the reality on this was enough to make me vomit.

I thought she cared about him. He is a little shy, quiet, and spends most of his time with his aging, cranky, cat. But when we first arrived she was nice to him and insisted, against my wishes, to give him small amounts of money. She told him she was his Godmother, that she loved him like a mother.

She set a bowl out for him at the front door and told him to take some money when he went for a walk. This was not lavish, at most some change or a dollar. Then, a few months later she told me to tell him to stop asking her for money. He never had, just taken what she offered.

It was an ugly slap in the face and he was hurt. I was stunned.

But it only got worse. I'm going to share an incident with you which was witnessed by multiple people here. I can provide testimony from people at the YMCA, who went through this with me, with people at church, and others.

I have been using the Y here since I arrived. In January of 2013 I took my son with me so he could work out while I was in a one hour class. He was to meet me immediately afterward. The day was not too cold when we arrived at the Y. But a storm was on its way.

When I walked out of my class I could not find him. I started looking, calling his cell phone. It did not take long before the entire Y was looking for him. Outside, the snow was coming down in sheets, nearly horizontal. Panicking, I got in my car and started looking for him. The snow was building up so fast he could have died of exposure. Hoping he was home I drove by there. I ran in to tell Rayelan what was happening. She looked and me and said, this is an exact quote. “I care about my dogs.”

Stunned, I stared at her for a second and then ran out to get back in my car and continue looking. I called the Y. Then, I got my son on his cell phone. You need to know he is entirely blind in one eye and 70% blind in the other. His mobility is limited. He needs a cane to walk. I was shaking as I tried to drive. Arriving at where he said he was I could not find him. Parking, I got out of the car and was almost blown away by the storm.

I dialed, and dialed and dialed, crying and the tears freezing on my face.

After three hours I found him, huddled in a fast food restaurant, soaked and shivering.

When I walked in Rayelan showed no sign of even asking what had happened.

The receptionist at the Y remembers. We still talk about it. My friends at church remember because I called them, looking for people to help me find him.

Is Rayelan a psychopath? Yes, she is. Calloused unconcern should be her middle name.

And as soon as I can get out of here I will take effective action to ensure Rayelan does not do to another person what she has done to me and my son.   While she is already in my present book Psychopaths - A Guide to Survival, there will be more.   

I do not trust her as far as I can throw her, which believe me would be no distance at all.

Many things about this world need to change. Dealing with the psychopaths is high on my list, along with getting off the grids.


  1. Rayelan, the perpetual damsel in distress has managed to turn her libel of you into a fundraising bonanza of $5000.00 this month.

    Hobie continues with the fundraising efforts with more libel:

    Hi, Folks -

    To the latest contributor who added $100 about an hour ago, along with this comment: "Hope this helps to slay the Viper !!!" - Thank you. :)

    Folks, the emergency's just not over yet - Raye's in need of paying $150 by 9 a.m. or faces having her water shut off.

    She knows this is crazy, but it's "the Viper" who's made it crazy, and hopefully we can get Raye past this latest urgent weirdness with just a little more effort.

    Please contribute ~NOW~ if you're able and would find it fitting:

    Fitting for a sociopath, why yes it is.

  2. Thanks!

    Jeff "Hobie-Zapper" Gordon and Rayelan, his employer, who makes his life doing things entirely unrelated to RMN the joy it is, should remember obtaining money through fraud is a crime and because it is fraud the statute of limitations is moot. Both of them belong in jail. Notice: Keep records of what you donate because when you realize what was really going on you will want to participate in a law suit.

  3. I'm rather disgusted already today. After getting over $5500 for October 2014, now asking for $4000. for November. What in the world is she doing with ALL that money? Does she pay those agents? You must know some of her expenses Melinda, from when you were on good terms. Doesn't she get money from ads? If you could, since you have made websites, approximate the cost? * What are you going to do, stay in Ohio?

  4. Here is one of her bullsh t lists from 3-04-12, most of the stuff on the list are her personal expenses and I wish I had fifty bucks for every time she has promised the mythical upgrade.

    Server: $425.00 Due the 1st
    Phones: Cell, Vonage and DSL: $220.00 Due on the 1st
    Trash & Sewer Due the 1st $101.84
    RadioRMN: $1100.00 Due by the 5th of each month (This is usually paid by my Google AdSense, but this month the Adsense was short almost $400.00.)
    Cable: $92.87 Due by the 9th
    Electricity: $232.81 Due by the 15th
    Domain renewal: $120.00 due March 15th
    Water: Due by the 23rd $137.86
    Gas: Due by the 23rd $106.00
    Legal Insurance: Due the 15th $65.00
    Various other insurances, car, rental, health: Due various times over the month. $150.00
    One remaining Credit Card (for business emergencies) Due the 23rd $200.00
    Emergency money $750.00 (already paid from money that should have been used for bills)

    We are gearing up for a major upgrade here at RMNews. Some of you will be receiving information about this upgrade. It is something that I have wanted to do for years and we finally have the people in place who can do it. I think we might even have a conference call to explain all of what we are proposing. For the most part... RMN will look and be the same. It will just be easier to search. Easier for the agents to post... and most of all we will be able to group all of our articles in categories. Something I have wanted to do for over 10 years, but the cost of doing these things was prohibitive.

    One final note: