Monday, October 20, 2014

Truth is a beautiful thing - Get Some

Today Rayelan spent a lot of time on the phone, doubtlessly slandering me again. She would be wise to remember slander is an actionable offense and she is carrying this out in conjunction with others, for instance Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, who have, provably, also slandered me.

Think Depositions and also mundane Declarations and Affidavits by individuals who find out Rayelan's statements about me are completely false. Would this happen because I tell them? No. I have people with absolute credibility who will do this for me.
Drama Queens, lost in the excitement of the Performance, never think about what is going to be coming.

For Drama Queens there is never an end to the drama. Being pulled up short is always a shock, which they think they can overcome by telling even bigger whoppers.

There is no end to the lies for a psychopath, who will not offer you proof, knowing from experience that emoting and oozing extreme emotions will move most empathically normal people to acceptance, sympathy and support.

This is where the brain should engage – and it is nice that some have seen through the Rayelan's Rhetorical Flights of Victimhood to reflect on amazing history of her pleas for money – which are always accompanied by these cock and bull stories.

And the latherings of Blessings, and such expressions of faith she uses to con her Readers should strike her dead.

The woman could never sit still when we were going to church together and started sitting with people who would chat with her through the service. Her only interest in church was that they let her store her beading supplies there as she was 'giving a class' on how to bead. A lot of the necklaces Rayelan wore during this period were crosses large enough for the Pope.
When slandering me to people at our church did not work Rayelan left and took her beads with her.

Keep talking, Rayelan. The world is listening and the Truth will prevail.


I have been around RMN since 2004, I have read every word written on your site, and I just want to say that I tend to believe you over her at this point. She lost me with all this begging. But now I am beginning to wonder if she is even who she says she is. Though I confess myself sort of grateful for her, because her site and her stories assisted in opening my eyes to what's going on in the world. when I found RMN I was only in my early 20's so it was useful in that regard.

After reading your testimonial here, it confirmed things I have been pondering on for a while, and frankly I am disappointed that I got conned by her.

Let the truth prevail Melinda.

Good Luck

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