Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Ranting World of Rayelan an she continues to unravel.

The statements made by 'Barker' bring-in-the-money Jeff Gordon of Atlanta, Georgia happily ensconced in the home Jeff Gordon, AKA Hobie, Zapper, inherited from his parents, is a liar who performs that duty for money, like any paid operative working for the New World Order.

He knows he is lying – but the money is good, real good.

I have never been a house guest here. I came out, reluctantly, because Rayelan begged and pleaded, saying she was having health problems and the Lee-Powers Family were trying to kill her. She was lying. But why? I had no desire to leave my home, my working library, my kitchen, my own bathroom, and my friends.

And for Rayelan? It is nuts to pay for someone's travel expenses to come 3,000 miles unless you have a substantial motive or are, in fact sick and being harassed. Eventually, I began to look for a possible motive.  

Rayelan was neither sick or harassed, that began to dawn on me, though I thought, perhaps, she was an innocent hypochondriac for a while.   The often made, and highly dramatic assertions on Rayelan's part about the Lee - Powers Family were untrue, I much later learned to my astonishment.

Below is the time line for first, seducing me into what I thought was a friendship, and then getting me to leave my base for work and come to Ohio.

Rayelan contacted me at my home in California in July of 2011 and begged me to take a radio show, saying she was burned out and sick. Until then we had talked maybe once a year about posting and what ever.  

I had done about six different shows on a variety of stations by then, the first in 2006. On that same day I was offered a free show on BBS. I flipped a coin and started doing a show at RMN Radio.

Immediately, Rayelan began asking me to help out, 'take the burden off her shoulders,' with first one and then several small jobs. We started talking a lot and she did everything you can imagine to get me to trust her.

Then Rayelan called to beg me to help her 'dear friends' both of whom, she said, were of sterling character. The friends to whom she referred were the Duke and Duchess of Manchester. Alex, the Duke, was first diagnosed as a psychopath in 1984 after he tried to shoot his then wife with a spear gun and then barricaded himself in his apartment, holding a policeman hostage.

See Bottom of Page 9

Here is the time line for that part of Alex's life. When I finally put it together I was stunned and shocked at the way Rayelan had conned me into trusting these criminals who worked me like a slave for months and then not only refused to pay but were ugly about it.  This made no sense.  

Rayelan knew what these people were – but she worked at persuading me to trust them. I was busy working from home in California when she started calling me. Although Rayelan lives a life of unbridled leisure I am the sole caretaker for a completely disabled son and I have to work, from home, so I can ensure he is cared for.

My son, Arthur, suffered two massive brain injuries in 1997 and 1998. I have been his sole caretaker and support every since. Spare me any concerns for Rayelan. She is a self indulgent narcissist and deserves no sympathy from anyone.

Rayelan asked me to put up a website for Alex, who she said had been maligned. She claimed there was a huge, massive conspiracy out to get him, claiming fraudulently, he is a bigamist. But he is a bigamist. There is no doubt. The documents and witnesses, from his mother to his former attorney, all agreed. 

 2011 -  July  
                        19 - Law suit heard in the High Court of the Chancery, London, on the issue of 
the legitimacy of the two children of the non-marriage of Alex Montagu and
Wendy Buford Montagu.  Children have rights as beneficiaries.  
DECLARATION -Kimble Montagu, given for High Court of Justice, Chancery
                        27 - Letter to the Media about the case heard earlier in the month. 
                        31 - ARTICLE   - The bigamist Duke and his three wives – Telegraph

                        19 - Law suit heard in the High Court of the Chancery, London, on the issue of 
                           the legitimacy of the two children of the non-marriage of Alex Montagu and
                           Wendy Buford Montagu.  Children have rights as beneficiaries.   
                          DECLARATION -Kimble Montagu, given for High Court of Justice, Chancery
                        27 - Letter to the Media about the case heard earlier in the month. 
                        31 - ARTICLE   - The bigamist Duke and his three wives – Telegraph
- See more at: http://www.thedukeanddoxieofmanchester.info/p/time-line.html#sthash.1LxTDSDk.dpuf
Even the MSM got it right.   

Alex's first marriage 

The wife Alex tried to kill in 1984 had hastily departed, settling for a legal separation. Today Alex claims they were never married, that the ceremony was a joke. Alex lies, too.

The whole story in documents:  
      The Stoner Story 

He did not bother to divorce her until his mother insisted in 1996 after he had 'remarried' a woman who was employed and had a car in 1993.  When he finally filed for divorce they hd one child, a little boy.  But Alex did nothing to legitimate his son, or his daughter when she was born in 1999.  

 Alex was paid by the Manchester Trust for each child.  This is why he wanted them.  He married Wendy, his second wife so he could stay in the US. At the time he was about to be deported for shady practices. 
At the time, Rayelan managed to persuade me that there would only be a slight delay until I was paid by the Manchesters for the work Alex needed done. I had just finished a review of Vincent Bugliosi's newest book and was talking to Vincent about more work. Rayelan entirely derailed that.

                        1 - Email from Ilene Proctor (Vincent's publicist) thanking Melinda for Brilliant Review of Bugliosi
                        25  - Laura calls Melinda for the first time, Melinda's number provided to
                            Laura by Raye Smith. 
                       26 – Email from Laura to Melinda regarding website.

Rayelan knew she was lying. But she and Laura, the Duchess, talked me into taking on work for which I would be paid nothing and Rayelan knew this, I later realized.   And that was not the worst of it. We'll get to that a little later.

Alex told he had PTSD and I arranged for the loan of a neurofeedback machine. Alex was to return it in a month. Instead, he claimed I stole it. I never saw it.  I was living in California and Alex was living in Las Vegas.  To this date I have never actually seen either him or Laura.  But this event destroyed my relationship with the company which supplied it.

Look over this Time Line, only part of which is up on the Rayelan Report.

I was working for Rayelan by September 2011 as Director of Advertising.

The campaign to get me to Ohio then started. I had no need to relocate to do a job which was easily handled from home.  So Rayelan made one up.  

Rayelan offered me a partnership, health care, dental care, and more if I would only come to Ohio to help her with the Lee – Powers family and take over bringing Rumor Mill to the 'next level.'

As soon as I arrived, which took a month because I am close to blind and cannot drive in the dark, she asked me to make out business cards for the two of us. She, as CEO, mine as COO.

And I started having more health problems than I had ever experienced. I could not raise my arms above my head, me, who had been doing yoga several times a day for years. It was grim, but I kept working.

But as I watched Rayelan idle away her time I realized why RMN could never be a legitimate business. Rayelan is work adverse. She has lots of energy to shop but none for anything, faintly resembling work. 

Having seen this about Rayelan I talked to a friend of mine who built out a business in online advertising.  He offered to run the advertising for RMN and guarantee Rayelan $10,000 a month for her self so all she would have to do was read posts.   Rayelan refused.  

Rayelen's  taxes had not been filed for some number of years, her desk looked like a trash heap, and she blamed the junk all over the house on the Lee – Powers Family. I soon learned it was Rayelan who was the happy hoarder.

And worse yet, on the way out the Manchesters working with my former husband, had managed to get my hosting company to take down 49 websites which I had been nursing into profitability. I was stunned. How had they even met? Rayelan. No, I told myself. She is a little dingy - but why would she do that?

The likely answer is money. I assembled a time line and considered the odd pieces of information which I had previously overlooked.    Rayelan was doing it for someone else.  That someone had worked with the Manchesters to destroy my sites and income.   

With a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, I knew.  My ex defrauded me of about 25 million during the divorce with the able assistance of the president of the company, Dan O'Dowd. O'Dowd and Craig, my ex, had cut a deal. O'Dowd assisted in recharacterizing marital property as separate and Craig led the walkout which make it impossible for Dan's partner and VC to buy him out for what the company was worth in 1998 – 350 million. Dan got it for a measly 47 million. Today it is worth around 15 billion. To date, I have been told by attorneys who watched this all take place that the company, Green Hills Software, had shelled out 10 million in legal fees in their continuing attempts to shut me up and/or destroy me.

Now, this is where the story gets complicated. Read this article - Saddam Hussein and 9/11 – The unexpected connection

So, 2003 was the year Green Hills Software became a contractor for the Department of Defense. That is what turned millions into billions.

Over the first 18 months Rayelan had slipped often enough so I eventually realized she had been conning me. But now my slim savings were gone, my paying sites had been stolen, and I was 3,000 miles from home.

Claiming I came 3,000 miles to avoid a winter at home is so lame it amazes me anyone would buy it.

Saying I am an 'unwanted and uninvited house guest' ignores all the evidence. I supply evidence.  Rayelan and Jeff Gordon expect to be believed on their unsupported statements.   

There are hundreds and hundreds of emails I generated and answered as Director of Advertising are only one form of proof. Why does no one ask Rayelan and Jeff Gordon for proof? 

And the Nice, but dingy,  Raye had turned into the flaming PsychoRayelan who accuses me of the same crazy things she was accusing the Lee – Powers Family of having done when I came out here.

So, I dug in and began working to build out an exit strategy – which included restarting my consulting, writing reviews and more. Since those other ventures, potentially highly lucrative,  could be vulnerable to the kind of slanders Rayelan is perfectly capable of telling, and my name is not online, I will not discuss them at this time. But when they are successful I won't have to write about it. You will know.

And suing Rayelan, for fraud, conspiracy to commit grave bodily harm and more, will be sweet, sweet, sweet. But she will not be alone, rest assured.


  1. Over the top work of fiction, she must have been looking in the mirror when she wrote this about you


  2. She's in a state of panic. http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=2991

    In the 10 years I have been around RMN I have never seen her in this type of state. I think you may be succeeding.

    Let the truth prevail Melinda

    Good Luck