Thursday, August 6, 2015

Agent 86 Broken record Hobie lies that they need $1000 by the 10th.

It really is nice that Jeff AKA Hobie does not say nasty things to people like Theresa does.  STA is a sister site to RMN, you know.  They are all fond friends who went to Disinformation School together.  

And those Readers just love the recognition of having helped them continue their con.  

Each month we need $1000 in the widget by about the 9th - Please contribute
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 6-Aug-2015 04:46:10

Hi, Folks -
Many thanks to the 11 fine folks who have contributed $457 already toward this month's RMN expenses. :)
Each month we need about $1000 in the FundRazr widget by about the 9th to cover important recurring bills. Please contribute, if you're able and would find it fitting:
Blessings, all.

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