Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Rayelan - Government Employee and proud it.

Now, what happened to that lovely promise this elderly and over the hill Conartist was going to stop whining and begging?  What happened to all the plans?  I ran into one of Raye's former employees a few days ago and he told me she  never finished ANYTHING  she started.  Would you, dear Reader, have rented a house and begun paying to put in improvements?  Would you have paid someone, my new acquaintance, actually, to put down flooring in the basement and then told him it had to wait.  And wait it did.  The piles were still there a year later when I arrived.  

Conning is first nature to her.  It comes before breathing.  She, not me, was the free-loader.  She thought her deceit in lying me to Ohio would result in a steady stream of largess from a sex offender.  She bet wrong.  

Let the lazy twit go get a job.  

Electric about to be shut off
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 4-Aug-2015 10:05:11

If you haven't heard the long tale of woe regarding my $2,000 electric bill then you can't understand why I am having to pay the electric bill twice a month. Being a senior citizen who needs a C-PAP machine to sleep, the electric company was mandated to keep the electricity on... or face lawsuits from my heirs if I die.
Anyway, the corporate boyz want their $300.00. That includes my current usage and $100.00 toward the old balance.
I also have a telephone bill to pay. It's for two months and it also includes Dish Network. The entire bill is $389.04. The amount I have to pay immediately or phones and Dish are turned off... is $226.98.
$550.00 will cover all three... electricity, phones and Dish Network.
My finances have been horrible for all this year. The move cost a great deal, but the main problem was the outrageous electric bills the freeloader in my house ran up. If there was a way to prove she did this to me, I would sue her, but I would never get a dime from her. People who live on social security disability can harass the hell out of people with little fear of being sued.
I'm sure that if I charged a monthly fee for accessing part of the site, you would never have to see one of these notes again. But I made a promise to myself that RMNews would be free to all... and that is why my audience has to put up with the weekly begs.
I've been thinking about charging for access to the archives. As you know, we lost the archives several months back. I had just backed them up on external hard drives, so we still have them. The format the archives will be in once I upload them will not be the same. The threads will not be together. I am praying that the title and author will show... if not... then the amount of work to put them in reading order may be too great a task.
If you are able to help pay the bills, here is the Fundrazr Widget: Thank you so very much.


  1. I think the correct word is 'operative'. She is well past any useful function beyond providing disinfo to the unthinking rubes.

    1. Raye says she learned selling as a shoe saleswoman. Maybe she should go back to that.

  2. On August 4th Hobie says this ( re the massive electric bill )


    On August 6th Rayelan the Scammer says this


    This is one of the rare times when they accidentally mix each other up and trip themselves in their begging missions. I highly encourage you to document this here.