Tuesday, August 4, 2015

And Agent 86 Confides in RMN Readers;;;;;Hobie tears himself away from the dinar swindle and music videos to shill for Rayelan"

And Raye promises undying love ti the Magnificent Seven - for as long as it takes her to spend their lavish largess.  Not.  

...what Rayelan said...
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 4-Aug-2015 18:38:15

Hi, Folks -
A little further down the page, Rayelan wrote:
Anyway, the corporate boyz want their $300.00. That includes my current [electricity] usage and $100.00 toward the old balance.I also have a telephone bill to pay. It's for two months and it also includes Dish Network. The entire bill is $389.04. The amount I have to pay immediately or phones and Dish are turned off... is $226.98.
$550.00 will cover all three... electricity, phones and Dish Network. 
Looks like we've got that electric bill covered; another $200 or so will allow her to keep her phone on, too. :)Thanks very much to the 7 magnificent folks who have contributed that initial $325. :)

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