Thursday, August 28, 2014

October 19, 2011 - Employment Letter

Letter verifying employment. 


  1. She offers you a salary and has no money to pay you. She is the worst kind of liar and fraud. She gives herself away droning on about her supposed "401k" which she has been acquiring with the funds she bilked from her readers. Her fund raising efforts seem to be taking on more hysterical tones as of late.

    By the way, the only smart business person in her 401k activities are the people who sold her the junk in the first place. There is a reason that stuff is cheap and plentiful and it is not because it is rare and collectible.

    Why not have her served by a process server?

    1. Yes, she would really be on hoarders. She has no idea the economy is melting down and she will not be a able to do anything with that stuff but dump it to save the storage fees.

      She refused to let me look at the books, or rather kept putting it off.

      We talked about having her served by a process server when this started but my attorney is out of Texas and we were looking for local counsel. Then I started doing more research and I found those pseudonyms. At first I thought she might just be a garden variety con-artist psychopath but then I remembered they recruit psychopaths as operatives and found some other connections. I also remembered what the OITC security guy said about RMN being located on a CIA server.

      After what happened with Saddam Hussein the CIA makes me a touch nervous. Did you read the article at the link?

      The way she spends I don't think she has any money because it clearly burns a hole in her pocket. This is also common with psychopaths. That is why I'm now offering to negotiate. The film could make money along with a book I am writing on psychopaths. She gets a whole section for herself.