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UPDATE - By request

From: Anonymous November 1, 2014 at 12:18 PM
I'm rather disgusted already today. After getting over $5500 for October 2014, now asking for $4000. for November. What in the world is she doing with ALL that money? Does she pay those agents? You must know some of her expenses Melinda, from when you were on good terms. Doesn't she get money from ads? If you could, since you have made websites, approximate the cost? * What are you going to do, stay in Ohio?
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From: sskidsNovember 1, 2014 at 12:59 PM
Here is one of her bullsh t lists from 3-04-12, most of the stuff on the list are her personal expenses and I wish I had fifty bucks for every time she has promised the mythical upgrade.

Server: $425.00 Due the 1st
Phones: Cell, Vonage and DSL: $220.00 Due on the 1st
Trash & Sewer Due the 1st $101.84
RadioRMN: $1100.00 Due by the 5th of each month (This is usually paid by my Google AdSense, but this month the Adsense was short almost $400.00.)
Cable: $92.87 Due by the 9th
Electricity: $232.81 Due by the 15th
Domain renewal: $120.00 due March 15th
Water: Due by the 23rd $137.86
Gas: Due by the 23rd $106.00
Legal Insurance: Due the 15th $65.00
Various other insurances, car, rental, health: Due various times over the month. $150.00
One remaining Credit Card (for business emergencies) Due the 23rd $200.00
Emergency money $750.00 (already paid from money that should have been used for bills)

We are gearing up for a major upgrade here at RMNews. Some of you will be receiving information about this upgrade. It is something that I have wanted to do for years and we finally have the people in place who can do it. I think we might even have a conference call to explain all of what we are proposing. For the most part... RMN will look and be the same. It will just be easier to search. Easier for the agents to post... and most of all we will be able to group all of our articles in categories. Something I have wanted to do for over 10 years, but the cost of doing these things was prohibitive.

One final note:

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The "Upgrades" mentioned here were all things we were supposedly going to do when I came out to Ohio. This reflects the time she was telling me she had lost her social security. Eventually, I surmised she had been drawing benefits in the name of her long dead husband, David Kooker and this had caught up with her.I can't prove this but it would fit.  

But who knows what the truth was. I now assume everything she says is drama and lies, of course. Soon after I arrived she announced she had no money at all to pay for having these things done because HER Social Security had stopped.  She made no cogent explanation as to why this would be.   

But her grand plans always seem to be ploys to get readers to send money.

In 2012 I was, she told me, expected to either pay for those upgrades myself or find people to do it for free. I tried. One very nice guy in Ohio designed a new site for her, gratis. This was after the OITC security man had announced RMN was on that CIA server and Jeff (Hobie – Zapper) Gordon was supposedly attempting to steal RMN.

Note, none of this meant her life style, in terns of buying stuff to hoard or eat out was affected. Those activities went merrily along. The whole thing was mind-numbing.

During this period the Lee - Powers Family were supposedly trying to poison her. Leigh, Angel's mother, was supposedly sneaking into the house to put the poison in her expensive water filtration system. Amanda, her little girl, and Leigh had moved next door. Rayelan was paying their rent, supposedly. Amanda's letters should be taken into account since this is roughly the time they were written. I replicate the TIME LINE from that period here.


      January   10      Letter from Raye to Melinda - Background research on Powers - Lee
                        19      Letter from Melinda to Raye - Draft for Criminal Complaint - Powers

      February 2       Letter to Angel, Draft Requested by Rayelan 
                        7       Business Expenses - Rubicon Aegis, LLC
                      14       Letter from Amanda Lee to Raye
                      27       List of Stolen Guns
      March      4       Compiled List, Requested by Rayelan 
                        5       Criminal Complaint Lodged Against the Powers - Lee Family 
                        7       FORWARD - Emails between Raye and Angel from previous October
                                       This one is about Brittany
      Sept.        1        11:36:50 PDT Letter to Lee 

      Oct.                    Video of Raye and others in the study after Biofeedback treatments
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It is impossible to know what was really happening. Rayelan never let me look at the books, if there were books. From her comments there was seemingly no division between her personal expenses and RMN.

Note that Rayelan never seems to read anything but tabloids. There were always piles of those around, especially next to each toilet.

I never heard her talk about any of the books coming out on the multiple wrong-doings of the power elite. I read and review books. I had never read any tabloid until I came here. Also note that Rayelan never talked about ongoing major developments either from the alternative media or the MSM.

Right now Rayelan and the Lee - Powers family appear to be downstairs making a lot of noise, perhaps moving, perhaps disassembling something. But, of course, they could just be sitting around talking and kicking the furniture. There has been little activity on the moving front (I think this was another con-job on Rayelan's part) and the present pod appears to be the only one involved. It has been there for some weeks now.

We can assume the Lee – Powers Family are being paid for being her mobile audience and for providing grunt labor.

Rayelan needs an audience and purchases this by hiring people to do work for her. This includes moving those boxes around, cleaning and performing alterations on a house which is only rented. She has gone through countless people while I was here. But the most important need seemingly filled, is being an audience and affirming her in whatever she is saying and since she targeted me, assistance in harassing me and my son.  

All of these people live in an alternative reality.  My reality is about transparency and relocalization for human action.  

This morning I wrote an article about the lack of Centennials for the first nature movie (1909), and the first lapse-time motion picture film showing flowers blooming (1912).

My grandfather, Arthur C. Pillsbury, was one of the first victims of the NWO because he was, inconveniently, refusing to allow his inventions to be patented. A Preservationist, as opposed to a Conservationist, he wanted to use the National Parks to educate people, using films, about the world around them.  He was very successful in this.

Instead patenting his inventions he published how to build them widely so the knowledge would stay in what he called the Knowledge Commons. Today we call this idea Open Source.  

Pivotal activists on both the right and left have told me this story is essential to understanding what is happening today. The AC site will do that, providing the proof, how these manipulations took place, and who benefited.

Off the record many people in the system have told me they are afraid of speaking out but that I am right about every detail.

Rayelan appears to be an operative whose life-long job has been to undertake attempts, for instance a take down of Senator Pell in 1989, and other disinformation jobs.  I am determined to provide transparency on this and all other issues.  


  1. Her social security were benefits she began drawing at age 60 as a widow of her latest husband. She tried to lie and say that they stopped her benefits the second year she drew them. That was a lie, because she had not reached full retirement age of 66, her benefit would be reduced by her earnings over say $14500. Because the astute business genius drew the full amount, her subsequent payments would be reduced to correct the overage in payments.

    1. Thanks! Mystery explained. She once said she also got military retirement. What do you know about that? She kept changing the story, too. It was hard to keep track. I'll be posting an affidavit with exhibits on what happened and why she was so anxious to get me out of California, where I had friends. My friends who know about my grandfather think the target they were after was the site I had done for him. It was much larger, about twice the size, as the one I have up now. But I am working at it and it is coming along. Here is the latest article. I do one a day.

      When you look at the time line it is glaring. I love time lines.

  2. I stand corrected, evidently, she was not married to Kooker for ten years so she must be collecting from her second husband, John Dyer.
    Or maybe she claimed to be disabled and got ss disability. Those are the only two ways that I know of to collect at age 60.

  3. Thank you both for all that info. Just amazing. Has she gone yet?-from the rent house? I was wondering if her lease was up.

    1. No, she has not, alas. The place is month to month, if you can believe it.

      See New Posting. More Insights.