Saturday, October 31, 2015

Agent 86 advises, "It's spooky, 46 foolish folks have been tricked by the scam machine, don't you be one of them"

Let's take a moment to look at this newest attempt on the part of now elderly Darlene Rae Smith and Jeff Gordon of Druidland, Georgia, to entice the remaining shekels out of your pockets. 

It is a rule of fundraising to grease the wheels with shills who chum the water, so to speak, with 'donations.'  In legitimate fundraising these are real people who are close to the candidate and intended to donate.  They are asked to do so publicly to get the ball rolling.  However, it is also possible, especially when doing this online, to 'donate' money from the scammers own pocket which naturally goes right back into said pocket minus any fee charged by the business providing the software, for instance Paypal or the one now in use since Paypal started reporting to the IRS. 

Unless these Scamsters do something they are looking at the end of their scam, so they are motivated to engage in all of these useful tools.  Raye may also be making whining calls to people who are old Readers for whom she has contact information telling them out of view the whining lies she used to such profitable effect last year - or even making up new ones.

While she is now nervous about doing this publicly she would be free to engage this way in private conversations - until depositions start, of course.  

This is a losing battle because things are changing so  rapidly in the real world.  Big Oil is plunging and about to encounter even more deadly conditions.  Saudi Arabia ran a deficit this year and is dipping into reserves, of which they have few.  The Presidential Front is already threadbare with many simply sitting out and watching the show.  

Prosecutions are starting in multiple venues for fraud, including those in which 'Rayelan' and 'Hobie' have been intimately involved. But in the scheme of things they are small fish. 

Let's hope Raye is enjoying those lunches at the Senior Center and will soon be in assisted living thus eliminating RMN as a disinformation site soon. 

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Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 31-Oct-2015 05:08:22

Hi, Folks -
Many thanks to the 46 fine folks who have contributed $2070 toward our goal of $3000 for RMN's October expenses. :)
Today's the (spooky!) last day of October, so if you've been thinking to contribute, here's your chance. :) Please do so today if you're able and would find it fitting:
Blessings, all.


  1. I am sure that psychopath grifter Rayelan takes particular pleasure from defrauding a poor and disabled person:

    Anonymous gave $50

    My income has been cut by more than half, then in March of 2015 I had a stroke. I am now "mostly" recovered although it was serious. I would help more if I could - your site has been such a help to me! Aware that you have had financial hits as well, and health problems - hold on regardless - you are loved!

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    1. You bet. I remember the shiver of delight in her voice when she opened the envelope from the lady who sent her $5,00 a month. Very poor and disabled. The money went to pay for her fast food meal. Raye loves fast food and Denny's. At first I was bewildered. Then stunned. Then I started compiling data and observing her.

  2. I would not put it past greedy, lazy Rayelan to email a form email to her contributors asking that they send cash to her po box. That way she can cheat the government taxes due and cheat Hobie of his cut of the take and cry poor to the rest of the reading rubes. Three birds one stone, leaves Fat Rayelan with plenty of tabloid reading and goodwill shopping time.

  3. Three more got tricked or mugged

    Anonymous gave $10
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    Anonymous gave $20
    Dear Rayelan, Hobie and everyone at RMN, Happy Hallowe'en and many blessings for November. DMG
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    Anonymous gave $25
    Thx for what RMN does for our community.

    1. Well, Halloween is certainly Raye's day. But it does not look like they will make the goal. Does that mean they are out of business tomorrow? Let's see.