Thursday, October 8, 2015

Agent 86 writes, "More lies, as pointed out by sskids, they purchased the house in 2001 for 210k, yet Watsonville's very own Perils of Pauline, the perpetual damsel in distress, just magically found herself burdened by a $300k mortgage"

I think what happened is that Raye discovered she could borrow more money on the house to squander on her dream kitchen and other indulgences.  This is a common theme with psychopaths, they have no grip on reality.  And it worked for her because although she lost the house she got Readers to pay to relocate her and cover for her other idiocies.

Raye's entire cost for RMN appears to be $299 a year.  

"Up until 2005, Rayelan paid most of the costs for RMN out of her own pocket.

Husband, David Kooker, a retired Major, appears to have been the source of this temporary rectitude imposed on Raye.  Her history while with Russbacher was sheer and unadulterated greed and scams.  The two also used credit card information entrusted to them without the permission of the card owners to go to Europe, supposedly so Gunther could be crowned as Arch-Duke of Austria.  Instead, he was arrested.  

In the last few years the RMN readership has grown and this requires a larger bandwidth which means more money. RMN is not like your child's free webpages. RMN is a professional news site with a daily readership between 38,000 and 47,000 each DAY and a monthly hit rate between 41 million and 59 million.

 Bandwidth for Wordpress appears to be unlimited.

Liar, liar, pants on fire. See below for claims for RMN's traffic.


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Paying more for bandwidth is just one of the reasons RMN needs your help. The Publisher of RMNews lost $4500.00 every month when her husband died in 2005. Three months later her mother had a heart attack and required 24 hour a day care. Rayelan quit teaching and lost the last income she had to pay the $3,000 mortgage and to pay the bills for RMN. She put the house on the market for what it was appraised, $400,000. The housing market crashed and she was stuck with a $300,000 mortgage on a house worth less than $200,000.

And this happened because Raye has to spend every penny she can get her hot little hands on.

 This subscription will be charged to your charge card or your Paypal account every month on the same day.You would have to be crazy to give your credit card information to someone with Raye's record, reported by her victims at Phoenix Project.  

Thank you so much for being an RMNews donor. Without our RMNews family, we could not have survived for 17 years and continued to bring you the hidden information our secret governments do not want you to know.

Hang in there with us, things are changing, we are about to make a very large leap. You will be very happy when the new site is complete.

Doubtless to take place on Wordpress.

Thank you so much!



  1. 80% of the traffic they do get is from the Poof nonsense.

    1. Good Grief, do they do anything that is not a scam? Thanks for the info - Where did you find it?

  2. By looking at the article views, Poof's BS has 2000 to 3000 views, the rest of the articles have 200 views or less. I see a few post that have more but not many, so it was my rough estimate.

    1. Thanks sskids! That certainly tells the story. The numbers do not lie.