Thursday, October 1, 2015

Agent 86 found another attempt on the part of Jeff Gordon to reposition RMN

Thanks Agent 86! 

And how do we know this is not just a creative writing exercise by Jeff Gordon - Hobie - Zap - Zapper?  What kind of work does he do - and for whom?  As always, he tries to lurk in the darkness and it is not the NWO he is attempting to evade. 

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  • hobie -- Wednesday, 30-Sep-2015 19:30:23
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    Reader Sends Thanks to Those Who Support RMN
    Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Wednesday, 30-Sep-2015 19:30:23
    (Thanks kindly, R. :)
    Reader R. writes:
    So glad for the readers out there with cash. I have been ripped for a total of 5500 over the last three months by three clients.... Let them know us poor/struggling SOB's :) out here appreciate them for the help keeping "our" resource up.


    1. If Reader R thinks he has it bad, the other 'readers' of RumorSwillSnooze have been ripped off for $9000 over the last three months. I am sure it makes Hobie proud!

      1. Psychopaths feel no shame. They think they are entitled to whatever they can steal. Creepy, but true. Trying to awaken these 'people' to a sense of shame is like sitting down with a hungry python to explain why they should become a vegetarian. You are dinner.

    2. Melinda, this isn't about Raye.

      A few days ago you mentioned you had a vision about Oregon and the Cascadia fault line. This has nothing to do with an earthquake, but I find it interesting that less than 3 days after you mentioned your vision one of the largest mass shootings to have ever happened in Oregon has occurred.

      Happened on a college campus in Roseburg today. I live in Oregon, could you do a post about the vision you had when you get the chance? I know that your vision and this incident are not connected, but I find the synchronicity that has presented itself today to be leading me to ask this of you.


      1. Alright, if you are interested. I'll write it now.