Saturday, October 10, 2015

Read this. It shines light on the Scamsters from Hell

A Reader who uses the Handle 'J' posted a link to a long and interesting dialog between himself and Jeff Gordon-Hobie-Zap-Zapper which should receive your attention and consideration for multiple reasons. 

J is someone who is following issues and interested in seeing issues resolved in ways which puts people in control of their own destinies.  The issue J expresses interest in is  Health Care.  He is actually very civil to Jeff (Hobie) but objects to Hobie's injections of irrelevancies in the dialog. 

Health Care would not be an issue today if directing the choices of Americans was not being used to disallow choices to Americans which they would otherwise have.  Health Care is a Grid industry, meaning the options are artificially limited to those most profitable to physicians, Big Pharma, and the related industries who are cooperating to keep control.

This has been one of the reasons the growing of Hemp and related products has been so strongly opposed, though legislation to limit the growth of Hemp, beginning before WWII, was also opposed by Hearst (issue of material to be used for the production of paper), Hemp as a source for  oil and other material in the production of automobiles, and of course Hemp products as a medicinal application.  Hemp was the first plant used for medical purposes in China over 5,000 years ago.

The AMA used legislation by Congress to establish Western Medicine as the only allowed source for medical technologies (American Medical Association) in the same decade we were forced to accept the FED (1913), the Internal Revenue Service (1913) , and the Brown Act (1903). 

Those responsible for the changes in the practice of medicine were strongly represented by the same people who had made fortunes in the Opium trade, including the Mather family.  Since the 1600s these people have been Merchantilists, viewing government as a means to restrict and control trade.   All of these practices violate the rights of individuals to choose for themselves.  The rationalizations presented by  the collection of individuals holding this viewpoint are fascist and corporatist.

There is NO free market when government has anything to say about our choices.

Over the last century such choices as Mutual Insurance, a membership approach to spreading the risk for the need for medical care, fire, earthquake, flood, and other incidents which could take place in our lives have been replaced by corporate models for risk management and mediation.

Someplace I may have up some timelines on Big Med along with timelines on financial systems.  Greedville was a game I designed to show people how the present Grid system works.  If anyone is interested I'll poke around and try to locate it. 

Anyway, very instructive.  Serious discussion can be lively but it needs to stay focused on the point issue or it is pointless.  J is very correct in his criticisms of Jeff Gordon from Atlanta (Hobie.)

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