Monday, October 5, 2015

Senior Services =- Do They Scare Rayelan, the Princess of Obergon?

Agent 86 sent me an email this morning commenting on the removal of claims made by Raye.  Here is what he said.  "Rayelan took down the thesis length braggadocio 'story' about having hundreds of agents, not like the controlled media giving you the news they don't want you to know ad nauseam for this short but not sweet lie.   What could it mean?   Caution about being sued for false advertising and scamming?   I think she may be paranoid about claiming the no electric, no food, no phone lies lest someone call social services."

Of course, I did comment this would be a very good thing to do because if I saw an elderly person unable to care for her personal needs this would be the dispassionately correct action to take.  
But if the Elderly One is only using the claims to scam then the visit would be a threat of enormous proportions since, naturally these would be conveyed along with the request to ensure the safety of the Elderly One. 

As noted by Agent 86, these were immediately removed. Hobie's nasty jibe about skipping that trip to Starbucks remains, however.   Go have yourself a cup NOW!

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  1. Hobie has a lot of chutzpah to call the readers/rubes the less than flattering slang name of "lurkers". The whole grift relies on the readers being 'lurkers' and thus unable to compare notes. The scam site was designed that way on purpose, Hobie needs to take his fake $100 and buy himself one great big steaming cup of STFU.

    1. Jeff Gordon of Atlanta (address available and will be published the next time a hack attempt takes place) Hobie-Zap-Zapper has chutzpah because he views us as sheep to be sheared. Keeping the sheep ignorant is, as you pointed out, essential to the scam. What will he say when the authorities stop by to ask about his role in the Iraqi Dinar Fleecing? Or will he just leave by the back door?

  2. Here is her one of her old 'bullshit' stories

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  3. "Hang in there with us, things are changing, we are about to make a very large leap." Straight into the abyss, one would hope.