Friday, October 16, 2015

Agent 86 provided this subject line for his latest contribution. As always, he is dead on. "And withdrawals/delerium tremens it is, those shopping addictions are not to be denied"

Agent 86, in the body of the email, sent on a piercing insight regarding the beg-scam below.  Hi comment was, "That is it, no story?   Why not $5000 or $50,000, we know there are virtually no expenses involved with keeping RMN up and running.   Greedy scammer Rayelan would have a cell phone (which she lied and said was disconnected due to lack of payment) and an internet connection whether or not the scam money machine known as RumorSwillNews was on the web.   What is the rationale for this 'goal', whatever the rubes will bear?"

Yes, Rayelan the Magnificent has to lie to detach the cash.  When the shopping is mentioned I always remember the nearly sexual way she fondled objects she had purchased.  It never ceased to startle me. 

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hobie -- Thursday, 15-Oct-2015 04:53:11

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