Thursday, October 1, 2015

OK, J, here it is.

I've had visions and known things were either about to happen or where happening all of my life. The visions are different. More detailed and visceral but less personal in a way.

The vision with the fiery mass - globe approaching the Earth came the first time about 20 years ago. 

I was washing dishes and suddenly I could see it approaching me but I was no longer in the house. From the angle of approach I must have been at about 10,00 feet and rising. While it was going on I had no questions about it. It was to be expected. Part of me accepted the deaths and terror as natural and necessary. It was very dispassionate. I felt myself leave my body.

Past death there was a growing consciousness of the forces of the natural world, large, small microscopic and smaller still.

I could hear the Earth moving and adjusting almost like it was a sentient being preparing for the impact. I could feel the layers of life with the Earth as one of these. The Earth had a long and deep energy, lots of complexity in directions it was hard to encompass. I did not try, I just merged with it.

There was an acceptance of events as if it had already happened and the wounds were healed. She, I felt the Earth as a nurturer, Calling her it feels like a disrespect.

I felt her knowing what was coming. It was a rip across the surface of her skin. I could feel the different forms of life, all part of her consciousness but one in her. The extension of her consciousness into the unseen world of spirit was also very present.

The oncoming fire also held a consciousness. In each case this was very different than how I experience myself as an individual. When this happens I can feel the limits of human consciousness. It was as if the I subsumed the multitude of organisms which my body holds as part of me also reaching for a presence I cannot explain.

Nothing was lost, only gained. Time slowed down. I could hear my heart pumping. A breath felt as if it was lasting for hours and the experience continued. Even though I was far above the Earth I felt warm and enveloped. There was no fear.

When the fire struck the Earth welcomed it as a cleansing. It seemed like the mass broke up, most of it continuing on to strike the Earth again and again as the impacts continued. If the surface of the Earth was skin it was a burning wound which was already healed.

There were lots of images which would have had to be allegorical. I saw the fire as a multitude of roses blooming, curling and dying. Now that I think about it I used that image in a poem I wrote about 9/11.

The Earth began to adjust, like a person rolling over in bed, to find comfort. Someplace in my mind I knew the ring of fire had to be impacted but it was a very impersonal observation. The aftermath felt like crackling followed by easing.

For life to go on cooperation has to take place. It is synergistic. It is not the negotiations of egos but an outcome of the merging of consciousness.

For those in the path of fire there is only devastation in the moment. But it was not the end.

People have asked me to tell them about visions before. Usually they ask questions and I tell them what I am seeing. This vision was different because it includes the merging more clearly. Sorry if the words do not convey what I saw.


  1. "Multitude of Roses blooming" The largest city in Oregon is known as the City of Roses. With good reason, the largest hybrid rose program in the world I believe is up in Washington Park. We have the Rose Parade every year for something like 80 years now.

    Just another synchronicity that I have gotten from you.




    1. No. 20 - Crimson Blossoms Sheer and Rend  

      Crimson Roses rent the sky; bringing down the autumn sun.
                  Fracturing the pillared towers;
                             Sudden death writ red as flowers. 

      My mind arrested; could not accept, the changes sudden that deformed
                  The world I knew was shattered there, 
                             inside an autumn newly born.    

      The scenes surreal, the tears, the shock; the frantic search for those we love.  
                  Trembled tones and dust choked eyes.
                              The fall of towers from the sky. 

      Deforming shock of memories, rescinding trends of history.  
                  From grief surrendered; steel bent scope.
                                Was reborn an edge for hope.  

      Our courage spent as offered gift; lives to save mean more than risk.  
                  A shroud of dust had cloaked the sky
                                A cloak of courage, death denied.  

      A thousand little moments bled, in mind made journey, our griefs unsaid.  
                  As human actions moved our minds.
                              Ears heard echoes of the divine. 

      Erupting roses burned our eyes, remaking worlds we will not see. 
                 Recasting all our best beliefs; 
                             replacing them with soul seared grief.  

      Transforming death; unbending love; our undeflected will to hope.
                  These the gifts that roses brought
                             revealing need for truer scope.

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