Sunday, June 18, 2017

2W3X4YZ5 sent this on to us. Never be distracted.

It is like this.   I suggest you visit the website, The Best Years of Life, is now asking for money.  It is selling products and appears to be selling advertising.  Here is their WHOIS

How were they persuaded to ask RMN Readers for money?  The clear intention is to create the entirely false impression Raye and Jeff Gordon care about other people.  They don't.  And, never forget, Rayelan and Jeff continue to refuse to provide copies of their bills when they ask for money.  

Do these folks know anything about what has been going on?  Probably not, but you could ask them.  

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Tony and Luella Need Your Help!
Posted By: Dquixote1217 [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 17-Jun-2017 21:14:09

Normally, I would never post a message like this, and I absolutely HATE the idea of asking anyone for money - but these are desperate times my friends!
Over the years, Luella and I have saved and helped thousands of lives around the world. Now we find ourselves needing help. To find out more, please see the details on our GoFundMe page, as written by our friend and a contributing author to our website:
If you can spare anything, it will be a blessing and greatly appreciated. If not, then we understand. And PLEASE do not give us one penny if it takes from your planned donation to Rumor Mill News!


  1. Grifter Raye did not so much as log in during Hobie's absence, so why are the rubes giving her $2500 per month?

    1. sskids, life is an intelligence test and they just failed. Sad, sad.

    2. Intelligence, and Honor are two different things. While it's clear that Raye is Service To Self, the exact thing she portrays herself to be a champion against, she is indeed intelligent enough to have found a vein of coins to plunder.

      That being said people are getting wiser. Donations are down, traffic is down, and now it appears that "Agents" are getting wise to the scam and reaching for their share. I certainly don't want to crack wise upon someone who may indeed be suffering from financial need. But I can't help but wonder about the comment at the end.

      "Do not donate one cent if it takes from your RMN donation." Is this the posters way of acknowledging their master and asking permission to get in on the action?

      Time will tell. Thankfully, it always does.

      Hoping you are well Melinda and Arthur.


    3. J~, Raye services herself with abandon. Is she really in need? I suspect she is being garnisheed by various entities. Remember, she stopped using PayPal when they started reporting to the IRS? I just republished the unopened letter. She should move, post haste to the Ashtabula Towers. She can afford that with just her Social Security. I agree with you. She is looking for a credible shill. Hope they figure it out. We are well and doing very interesting things. Hope you are well, happy, and enjoying the lulls and challenges of living! I'll tell Arthur you wished him well! Melinda

  2. Last time Lillihart posted a beg for vet money for her cat, she was reprimanded by zapper/hobie saying trolling for funds was NOT allowed, I am surprised that post stayed up. Also a little weird for someone who claims to be so knowledgeable about alternative health and supplements should be so sick. Oh well, if I was going to waste my money donating, I'd sooner give it to Louella than grifter raye and hoaxin' hobie

    1. Raye knows nothing about good health. Her habits are junk food at midnight, gluttony, and tighter and tighter clothing. Thanks for the comment, sskids!