Sunday, June 11, 2017

Agent 86 finds indications of further inaction by the Dilapidated Duo. "lazy susoni recycles the lame grift beg from May, as she holds down the rumorswill fort during hoaxin' hobie and grifter rayes absence"

Thanks, Agent 86!  It would be fascinating to find out what the two of them, Jeff Gordon of Atlanta (Hobie), and Raye Smith (Darlene Rae Smith of Crows Landing, CA),  now, residing either Ashtabula or other nearby town, are up to.  And I am sure we will.  And if you go look at the Fundrz site, which I suggest you do, you see that anonymous, who is most likely Jeff and Raye themselves, has been busy chumming the waters.  It appears $105.00 has been contributed during June.  In the short period there were multiple contributions of 'likes' to warm the heart.  How sweet!

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Junes Close to Half Over ! Please Contribute to support RMN
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Date: Sunday, 11-Jun-2017 14:24:42

Today's the 10th. Please help us reach our goal for this month.
It's almost mid-month; ideally there would be $1250 in the Fundrazr, so things are happening a bit slowly - but that's been usual for June, with many folks vacationing. We get that.
I'm not pleading for contributions today, just reminding us all that RMN is Reader-supported. With your support, we'll still be here in July. :)
Please contribute if you're able and would find it fitting:
Click on the Fundrazr widget (top left of the front page) or click here:


  1. The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

    Paypal Link to send direct to Rayelan

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    Date: Sunday, 11-Jun-2017 14:47:25

    In Response To: The FundRazr widget is the one for May that has since expired. No more funds can be provided until we get the June widget code. *NM* (NaturalWisdom)

    .. I just tried to donate (via the fundrazr link) and it would not process it.. So Yes, D, you were correct.. :-))

    Hobie said to send any Paypal donations to Raye directly to .. That should work and also things can be mailed to

    Checks & Money Orders:

    Raye Allan Smith
    P.O. Box 95
    Ashtabula, OH 44004

  2. The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

    Update on Hobie!!

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    Date: Sunday, 11-Jun-2017 14:31:51

    In Response To: Junes Close to Half Over ! Please Contribute to support RMN (RumorMail)

    Some of our readers have written in asking how Hobie is doing. For those of you who don't know, a large storm knocked out all the electricity, internet, cable wires and his street was flooded from a nearby creek. Most of the damage was done when his neighbors tree was uprooted into his yard.

    Jasmine and I talked with Hobie, yesterday, he and his brother are doing well after living their camping lifestyle. They have Electricity restored but no internet connection yet. They 'should' have it connected by next Friday. Let's pray he is back online before that. Also pray that no more storms hit his area!!

    RMN Misses Hobie!! If anyone is so inclined, please send a few dollars to Hobie (via paypal) @

    1. Sorry I missed this. I'll start checking moderation frequently. Hobie is still a liar but he has lots of uses for the money. His 'hobbies,' you know.