Sunday, June 4, 2017

And via COMMENT by sskids!

Well, perhaps Susoni has been performing some of this work longer than we realized.  Mostly, she is under the radar.  That might be about to change.

sskids comments, "Susoni lied to us, color me shocked! Hobie has not been around since the 31st, and yet the latest episode of the dinar scams get posted, the site is up and running all without the 24/7 working hours that hoaxin hobie is claimed to have worked. I am shocked, ruberswillnews is staffed by liars!"

From April:
A Wonderful day to you and yours!
I'm coming forward to ask all of the Rumor Mill News readers for help in buying Hobie some groceries and to pay a few utility bills this month. A few months ago, he lost his earnings due to an ad company misadventure. Since then he has been working here for free and falling further and further into the red zone each month.
Hobie is the backbone of Rumor Mill. He works more hours in one day then most people do in two or three. Without him, we'd be lost. There would be no website coder or one of the other dozen things he does daily for RMN. This isn't about RMN it's about helping one of our own get back on his feet.
If you feel so inclined, would you consider a gift of $20.00, $30.00 or more for this worthy cause. Please help Hobie and make your generous paypal donation to
Thank you so much for your time and your generosity. Let's make this the best month ever for a man who deserves so much more!!
We Love You Hobie!!


  1. Mystery solved:

    Posted By: RumorMail [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Monday, 5-Jun-2017 01:08:31

    In Response To: *** RAYE *** We're already several days into a new (SHORT) month and we need to update the FUNDRAZR code ASAP (NaturalWisdom)

    Hobes neighbors tree fell and took out his power, cable and internet lines.. He does heave power back on but not internet should have that by Wednesday (their estimation)..

    D, I don't have the password to get into the area for updating the fundrazor widget. That's Hobies personal password ... If she sends me the code, I can't do anything with it unless I get the password too..

    He should be back by Wednesday Am and possibly sooner..??!!?? :-)

    Lynda (Susoni)

    : The May FundRazr widget expires on June 5th (Monday). Zapper
    : has been offline for several days due to a power outage, so
    : if you can email the June code to either Susoni or me, I'll
    : do what I can to update the widget on RMN.
    : -NW