Saturday, June 17, 2017

Agent 86 reports, "he's back"

Now the question is, why Jeff Gordon AKA did not head over to the StarBucks to, briefly, report.  And knowing his veracity is always in question why did he not provide a third party link to a report.  

Why no names, even first names?  Any time Jeff reports on his 'personal' life all information which could validate this is missing.  Same with Rayelan, of course.  

It is now clear nothing here is 'classified information,' is confidential in many sense which is legitimate.  In this case the only restriction is ensuring RMN Readers do not know the facts.  So, Jeff, put up the bills and records.  Same for Raye, revisiting the issue of her astonishing expenses.  

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(Finally) I'm back. :)
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 17-Jun-2017 18:18:54

Hi, Folks -
I'm back. :) For the record, sixteen days without Internet is not something I'd recommend. :)
At about 10:20 p.m. May 31, a neighbor's 250-year old oak tree fell across the street and all the lines (power, phone, Comcast and Google) and in the process also pulled on the power cables to my house, bending what's referred to as the mast. Main power was restored to the neighborhood in a short while but could not be restored to my house until an electrician could rebuild the mast and sign-off on the safety of the connections. That did happen about two days later and cost a surprisingly large amount, and then we had power once more. In the interim a neighbor had allowed us to run a long extension cord from his house to ours so the refrigerator could be kept running.
We don't know if it happened the night of the 31st or sometime later, when workers moved the huge tree around to clear the roadway, etc., but at some point we had water running into the street from about where our meter is. Fortunately we had good water pressure in the house anyway. Perhaps by day 4 a crew had repaired that situation. We wait to see if our next water bill will be huge; hopefully not. :)
Then began the waiting for our land line and Internet connection to be restored. I'll spare you the details. Just know that there were many phone calls on a borrowed cell phone and some missed commitments. I think AT&T made the assumption that our problem was part of a larger problem and would be resolved when the larger problem was taken care of. That may have been partially correct - the falling tree required running of a new cable, and apparently not just near my house but all the way to some connection box, and then the hooking up of all the related terminal connections.
The missing element, however, was that our "drops" (lines from cable to house) were severed and new ones would need to be installed, on top of running the new main cable and hooking up the terminals. The new drops were finally put in place, Friday evening and Saturday morning - and here I am. :)
The amount of disruption caused by all that is noteworthy. There was an ongoing sense of being on edge, poised for some appointment, only we didn't know when the appointment would be. And there was a sense of, "What am I supposed to be doing right now?" And, "Is something important that really should be happening right now not happening because we're off line?" There was considerable stress involved in all that.
However: I'm back. :) I see things went along smoothly enough in my absence, and I'm grateful for that. My thanks to HotCoffee, CrystalRiver, NaturalWisdom and others, who expressed concern for my welfare and/or stepped up to at least try to handle things that seemed needful.
Rayelan had emailed me new Fundrazr code on June 6 but of course I wasn't able to receive that email or do anything about it if I had. I was able to get Raye on the phone today, and rather than put up a new Fundrazr now that the month's already half over, we decided to leave the existing Fundrazr in place and let it be for May and June combined. Many thanks to the approximately 19 fine folks who contributed toward RMN's expenses while I was away, and to the 8 or 10 fine folks who have added their contributions in support of me personally. :) (HotCoffee, thanks for suggesting that; you were right about this being "a good time" to add to that account. As mentioned above, the cost of rebuilding the mast was large and unexpected; recent contributions will definitely help with that. :)
I have a very large amount of email to wade through. :) So please be understanding as I do that.
Blessings, all.


  1. Did you notice that his third post after his "return" was a boy choir video?

    I see we seem to have new grifters trying to further exploit the wallets and purses of RMN's readers.

    Check out that list of ailments and financial problems! Sounds VERY expensive. Also please note the text that says, "And PLEASE do not give us one penny if it takes from your planned donation to Rumor Mill News!" Like "we are dying from our ailments but RayéLoon and Jeff Gordon's cash flow needs are WAY more important than our own interests."

  2. Could be be kicking back to 'Loon and Jeffie.

    Or 'Loon and Jeffie might be "feeling some heat" and have brought in people who they marked to take the fall for RMN/Dinar Fraud.

    Or are these just new partners being "greased into the grift?" If that is true, it is a very dangerous situation, in which scam artists combine resources to increase the overall take. That would constitute conspiracy to defraud as well as first and second degree fraud.

    Would that it be true, that MAYBE this new crew is connected to federal law enforcement (fraud enforcement division) in some way.

    People still call me a pessimist.

    1. 2W3X4YZ5, I really want to cheer you up. So I am going to share the synopsis from the screenplay I am writing. Let me know what you think about the human instinct for survival after you read it. At least Raye and Jeff are not killing them off for their social security - that we know of.

  3. Seriously. Our baby and our diabetes and all the rest are not as important as the RMN Free Ride. Really?

    1. I think something happened to their happy little conspiracy. See the newest post.