Monday, June 19, 2017

The Unopened Letter from PayPal, Inc.

It is probably a good idea to remind Readers about past events. 

The letter below arrived at 535 Bunker Hill Road and was left, unopened until it was soggy with snow.  I photographed it sitting outside on the porch.  It is addressed to Rumor Mill News and was sent by PayPal, Inc..  It says,  IMPORTANT TAX RETURN DOCUMENT ENCLOSED.  

I did not open it.  That would have been a violation of the law.  But eventually there would have been a reaction from those careful folks at the IRS.  I have no way of knowing if Raye ever filed.  But if she didn't then, with the move and other cons over the years she would owe a couple of hundred thousands dollars. A garnishment puts a crimp in your style.  This is why Raye may be 'without funds.'  It is silly to feel sorry for her because she knew eventually they would catch up with her.  


  1. I'm going to visit Atlanta in the next few weeks. Fact finding etc.

    1. 2W3X4YZ5, you made my day! Don't forget to take your camera! Now, all we need is someone to visit Raye! You are a hero!

    2. Wow 2W3X4YZ5. Kudos to you for taking some of your time to help Melinda in her pursuit. Please do share anything you find. Good luck and stay safe


    3. Safe is right! I am persuaded Raye was trying to Eliminate me. She immediately insisted I take 'supplements' and 'vitamins,' she put into a plastic week holder for me. And I had to take them sitting at the table so she could watch me. I started to feel sick. Then she made me go to Walmart to test my blood pressure. It had shot up higher than it had ever been. I stopped taking my them over her protests. Creepy. Craig had looked for a hit an to kill me before. Anne wrote ma to let me know he was looking in2009. Thanks for the comment, J~!