Friday, December 19, 2014

Frack Dick Cheney - Torture is too good for him.

Sometimes you just need to do a tee-shirt.  I started doing them when How the NeoCons Stole Freedom went up in 2005.  That was my first blogsite, still in existence.  

Do you think I should do one for Ms. Smith, too? 

We have formulated a plan for stopping the Keystone Pipeline and extending the present move toward energy parity across America.  By so doing local areas can rebuild their economies and begin the move from centralized to localized.  

Our target date for stopping Keystone is this by the end of this year.  Our target date for getting Americans off grid for energy is 2020.  

Us is a disparate group made up of people from all over and of all ages.  

We are working with a company already installing an ecosystem which provides energy for the home and business and can also recharge your house.  Today I was writing the come out article and screen play for our crowdfunding.  

Now I'll go think about that tee-shirt for Ms. Smith. 


  1. According to the "agents" some variation of Mom or Brick house? The delusions run deep.....too bad they don't know what she is really like and how she spends her time.

    Rayelan Is Our Mom

    Posted By: MaryMaxwell
    Date: Tuesday, 23-Dec-2014 21:23:14


    Thank YOU, Thank you for ALL you do Woman.. You're a Brick House... She's Mighty Mighty :-))

    Posted By: Susoni

    1. It is natural for people to look for security. Familiarity provides emotional stability and security, so it is not surprising. If they actually saw her in operation they would probably experience disbelief, shock and disorientation. I experienced her astonishing lack of skills when I arrived in Ohio and had never viewed her in any kind of heroic role. The whining is not just online. The woman whines constantly. Watching her operate would have debunked any such illusion. I thought she was helpless and pathetic.

      That Rayelan can do this shows the power of the distance and helps explain why psychopaths need a centralized system. The money that came in was probably from my ex-husband or a subsidy from the CIA charity fund. The protocol seems to be that first she has to try extracting money through her whining online panhandling and then, if it is not working, they fork over. It is no problem for Craig. He pays a string of women $5,000 each a month as a retainer in case he wants to have sex with them. Anne Fisher sat in on a session between Craig and a soft core porn star, you would recognize her name, where he laid out a payment schedule for getting him women. The prize was $10,000 for a woman who had his child if it was a little girl.

      Craig's sexually deviant focus is incest with a 12 year old by violent rape. When I put up the website about him, with evidence, his employment with Green Hills Software, Inc., came to an abrupt end. Dan, the president knew about it but they can hardly sue when they know the evidence would be presented in court. Rotten public relations for a government contractor.

      Craig tried to get unsupervised visitation with his eight year old granddaughter by his oldest son, Jonathan Scott Franklin. This happened immediately after Jonathan was arrested for hiring a hit man to kill his wife. The girl and her mother are now in a victim protection program. Craig also has a grandson, who was then ten. He literally ignored the boy's existence.

      With Rayelan payment is for her continued attempts to make me homeless. That has been his stated goal since the time of the divorce.