Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Moving, Moving Moving.....but to where?

Honest to Goodness boxes, packed with tape and with nothing sticking out went into the back of XXXX's white pickup truck this morning.  

This means they kissed and made up and the Move Is On. 

Of course, it also means she is most likely not going to New York or anyplace very far away.  

Check back for Updates as I start doing some real research.

Updates will be in this post, so just scan down the page for the line_________________ 

 I replied to a reply to a comment/query posted on this site in for the last Post. 
 There was a point to the response, which is clarified below.  

And the Moral of the Story is this: 

Telling lies, slandering and libeling others, eventually catches up with you.  It is now catching up with Rayelan AKA Darlene Rae Smith of Crow's Landing, California.  Personally, I would like to see Rayelan explain herself, with documentation she is telling the truth - finally.  

As a cautionary note she should remember she will answer for her sins against others and the evidence indicates hers have been monumental and constant.  Rayelan shows no shame, no contrition, no conscience, and no indication she has going to change. 




  1. Hi, I thought I asked before, do you know when the lease is/was up? You got someone following them? LOL I would be if I was up there.

    1. My understanding is that Rayelan rents month to month. There are many ways to determine a new location.

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  3. Thanks for sending. A post is forthcoming.