Friday, December 5, 2014

Rayelan, in the Desert of Despair, leads her 'Stuff' to the More Promising Land

If course, this is slightly irreverent, with apologies to Moses who did not ask for the job of leading tens of thousands of crabby and cantankerous people out of the Promised Land - though if you calculate how long they were 'on the road,' it is likely every adult who remembered Egypt died before arrival.  

I had this sort of image in my mind of Rayelan leading a caravan longer than the tribes of Israel and pointing toward the horizon where, just barely visible,  there were gapingly empty storage units awaiting her and a huge house ready to be filled with MORE STUFF - and perhaps a new legion of Minions to do her will and be sucked for energy.  

As always, one only can surmise much about the developing dramas.  But Rayelan had the Pod moved out.  Evidently my car was slightly in the drive way.  I try to protect it by keeping it on the grass as much as is legal here.  

I discovered the Pod wanted to be moved when someone started pounding on what I thought was the front door.  At first I ignored this, being deeply into a writing project.  Also,  those yelling and pounding are  generally individuals who are seeking Rayelan.  Some are unhappy with her and I prefer not to get involved.  

When I have someone over, a very, very rare event, I have them call as they approach the house.  I then go down and let them in.  No screaming or pounding needed.  

The last person I had over is a friend of mine from CA, a physicist who worked on the Linear Accelerator.  He was quite taken with the ensuing drama from downstairs.   He went with us, myself and Arthur, to the Wednesday Night Pot Luck at Church which was civil and refined, by comparison.   

Back to the subject.  Finally, I called downstairs, having realized the individual was actually in the house and pounding on the inside of the door.  I asked who they sought, and why.  The previously nameless voice identified himself as George.  George, also known as Pod Man, wanted me to move my car.  Upon a further query on my part he told me he had been directed into the house but not given my name.  So like the individuals in question.  Presumably, it did not occur to them to inform me of this mundane need themselves.  

There was nary a sign of any of them.  All cars and trucks were gone.  They had probably decided to pop off for a spot of lunch somewhere.  They eat out frequently. 

So I bustled downstairs and moved the car, arranging with George to call me when he had DePoded the drive way.  He said it would take 15 minutes and was a man of his word.  I waved farewell as I put my car back in its accustomed position.  

Other News 

The day before I had gone out for a quick errand and noticed billowing steam coming out of the window in the basement.  I surmise, this is just a surmise now, a jerry-rigged shower or tub has been set up there.  These were really, really, enormous streams of steam which reached nearly to the roof of a two story house.  

Rayelan seems to be spending time elsewhere, at least her Jeep is not in evidence and there are no screams or ugly language, and largely illiterate diatribes, issuing from the first floor late into the night right now. 

Now, as to why Rayelan would think it entirely natural that Readers would want, be panting to pay for her overages.    

For psychopaths others only exist to fulfill their needs.  Rayelan is a psychopath, therefore Readers are her own personal herd of domestic animals, intended to be used for her purposes.  The farmer does not think about being honest with a cow about to be slaughtered, does he?  

No, this is a special kind of relationship. When Farmer Rayelan wants money she tells whatever story she thinks will work on the starry eyed Readers.  

As with the Farmer the feelings or needs of the cattle going to slaughter are the farthest thing from his mind.   So, in Rayelan's mind, Readers should pay for her incompetence, venality, stupidity and greedy behavior.  That is what they are for.  

I'm sure the full potential for online panhandling was a selling point when the CIA put her out to pasture from her career as a Pop-Tart.   

Regarding The Move, presumably it is proceeding as planned by Rayelan.  Earlier today 
the Moving Man with the Enormous white Pick-Up Truck tossed a couple of chairs into his Truck and took off.  

Remember, the Online Panhandling is going well.  She might be reluctant to finish a drama which has proven to be so very profitable. 

There has to be a Monumental Amount of Stuff still to be moved from the First Floor and Basement - unless Rayelan has decided to abandon it, which is doubtful.  

Absence of Pod is definite


  1. Well, have they been back?

    1. Well, I have some deadlines but will be posting an update. Yes, they have but the real news came from people who came over to me at church, wide-eyed and full of insights.