Thursday, December 18, 2014

And the Whine Goes On, and On, and On.......

Read the Post by DRS AKA Rayelan the Magnificent, Arch-Duchess of Austria and Princess of Obergon carefully. She is really telling you a lot about herself without realizing it. 

I've had pneumonia.  I don't believe Ms. Smith has had it because she can talk at the top of her lungs when ever it suits her, which is often.   

And consider this.   How would this woman who cannot even handle her own trash and piles up mountains of knickknacks, her 'treasures' handle a farm? There are lots of farms around here but does she need 65 acres? How would she keep it mowed? There is also the possibility this is a proposed purchase of another chunk of the land already paid for, if not put in the name of, RMN Readers in Rock Creek, 3426 Knowlton Road, Parcel 330200000605, Rock Creek, Ohio.

That was certainly farm land and as far as I know Angel was still living out there in a shack which Ms. Smith described to me as not fit for animals.

I'm still here because she has not settled with me for work done without pay and for her broken promises. I don't want to be here. Living in close proximity with Ms. Smith and the kind of people she seems to feel comfortable around is a mind boggling combination of boredom and terror. They are not what my family referred to as 'civil.'

I was never a house guest. I came to Ohio because she begged me, saying she needed help because of her health and because she needed a partner with my skills to take RMN to the next level.

I had taken the job of Director of Advertising for RMN, site plus the Radio Shows, while still in California. Here is the letter the woman wrote to confirm my employment. My housing was a benefit, along with others which never materialized.

  October  2011
          19 -      Employment Letter, Director of Advertising, RMN 

Why didn't Ms. Smith try to evict me? Because she can't without being confronted with the inconvenient truth and being forced to pay up. There is also the issue of being confronted with her connections to the people who slandered and libeled me, all connected to my former husband who thinks nothing of paying $5,000 a month to each of a string of women just in case he wants to have sex with them. Craig Franklin

Of course, he prefers little girls, ones who trust him and call him 'daddy.'

Now, the only true thing she wrote is that she cares about her dogs. She cares nothing about people. This includes you are Readers of RMN. Your only use to her is to send her money and anything else for which she decides she has a fancy.

If you remember the segment of the Drama which included OITC you remember the conference call during which the Head of OITC Security informed Ms. Smith RMN was located on a CIA server. This happened while she was planning to leave the US, paid for by OITC, and start a new life working as Head of their Media Empire.

I had heard nothing about this before coming to Ohio and was surprised she expected me to leave America when so many people need help understanding what is happening to us and our country. Ms. Smith was dismissive. It was clear she did not care what happened to anyone with three exceptions. These are her dogs.

Buck was 14 when I arrived. He would not be 17 to 18 which for a large dog means he is a very, very old dog today. How much do you think it is appropriate to pay to keep a dog this old alive when so many of us are strapped for food to eat? Just asking. I understand loving an animal but in my book people come first. 

Buck is a Golden Retriever.  


If I were you I would ask Ms. Smith what happened to the last land you bought for her.


  1. Aw shucks, she got it fixed.

    The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

    I still need help as soon as possible - Everyday it costs me more

    Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Friday, 19-Dec-2014 12:02:56

    My account is still 1500 overdrawn and there are charges everyday from the automatic withdrawels that come out of this account. These automatic withdrawals pay all or mostly all of the bills associated with RMN. eight of these auto withdrawals came in today for a total of $282.00 in fees.

    I still have pneumonia. The stomach flu has let up. I am no longer throwing up but I feel like I could start again at any moment. Even the anti nausea prescription isn't working today. When it rains, it pours.

    All I am asking for is to have the rest of the Fundrazr widget filled up early rather than waiting until the end of the month.

    If you can help I and RMN will be eternally grateful.

    Here's the widget... thank you for all the help you have given RMN and me over the years.

  2. MPF, I was wondering about your employment letter; $3500 to $4000 per month, is that even possible from advertizing? And, if so, why the need for reader money? DMH

    1. It seemed reasonable to me given what she had told me. The radio brought in a lot more than the reposting site. And at the time I did not know to what extent it was just reposting. DRS represented RMN in an entirely different light. According to people I knew who ran sites with a lot of volume it was very possible to generate higher income. Remember, the social media builder I found for her was willing to guarantee her $10,000 a month for herself if she would let him re-engineer the advertising component for her and let him handle everything.

      It had been run with no consistent prices for advertising and no logic. DRS took 'stuff' instead of payment in many instances or gave free advertising to her friends. That continued and is probably still going on today. To allow for advertising as it is handled on professional sites she would have had to do a redesign. She was unwilling to allow that to happen.

  3. I check your website constantly for your updates, and I have pretty much stopped checking RMN, though I do confess I have been peeking in over there just to see the begging posts in hopes I can catch one of them slipping up.

    What's the end game for you Melinda? I worry occasionally that somehow this may come back upon you. But you strike me as someone who is intelligent and honest enough to at least have an end game.

    I am on your side, I want to be clear on that.

    Let the truth prevail Melinda.

  4. Hi there! For us there is an end game. The final goal is becoming One. Interim goals include Stop Keystone and Rebuild America. See Post

  5. MPF, I'm just finishing the 2nd part of interview of John Lamb Lash by Lisa M. Harrison and it is heavily into the subject of psychopathy. I think you'll want to hear it. It is long. Very interesting.
    I see the "funds" are slow and there is desperation in the titles. I wrote about ALL the excuses she used the other day but left one out. So we may see it today, eh? I'll refrain from posting and just wait it out to see. Hang in there and listen to the interview! DMH

  6. Hi DMH!

    Is there a transcript? I read faster than I listen. They seemed to be clustered and talking about the photos I take and put up last night. I could not near everything and really don't like listening because they say stupid, nasty, and outrageous things. You can use the CONTACT so we can email directly if you don't want these posted. I finished the screen play and sent it to Dave, who is putting it together. This is not about DRS, it is about Green Tech and the Keystone.

    Have a lovely day! MPF

  7. No transcript, sorry.

  8. Darn! I'll listen to it tonight then. All of the cars are gone here right now. They must be at the farm planning what crops to put in come spring.

  9. Ms. Smith's cash crop has always been RMN Readers. How can Ms. Smith possibly grow credulous Readers? Inquiring minds want to know what she plants.

    1. Speaking of cash crops....harvest time

      S gave $1,000

      I found a little more stashed away and had few x-mas gifts to give. Rayelan, you are a hero and deserve this. To love, light, and unity. <3

    2. HaHa! Look at the comment that slipped through fund raiser:

      Steve Beatty commented on Help RMNews Pay the Bills

      I can't buy the story. Backup HDD's are $50 at Walmart & BestBuy.
      Get a GRIP!

      Like Comment Share 14 hours ago

      Wonder how long before it gets deleted.

    3. But what about the trip to the Salvation Army, the essential drop by Goodwill, and dining out with the Minions in tow? Really, you can't expect Ms. Smith to go without every little thing!

  10. It well might be a little tip from Craig, you know. He spreads largess far and wide this time of the year, though the females who received this little offerings do not generally look like Ms. Smith. Ordinarily they are about a half century to sixty years younger.

    Check out Craig's site at