Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy 2015 - May it bring Truth, Justice and a renewal of freedom.

To all those loyal RMN Readers who forked over $4,300 last month and have been told in no uncertain terms they are to step lively and pay over more immediately!

And if the money does not get laid down fast enough the threats start that the RMN Reposting Station will go off line – now, tell me again why that would matter? What does RMN provide in the way of insights which makes any difference what-so-ever? None.

And about the MOVE

All of you have have been watching the Move Which Never Seems to Happen. Cast your mind back. This stupidity started last July. Do you anyone else in the world who has taken this long to move, despite the steady stream of funds from harassed Readers who respond to the whining and pleas and send money? No. Even dead people move faster and no one pays them for being dead.

But there has been a development.

Ms. Smith turned off her utilities as of yesterday, December 30th. I learned of this when the water stopped. I knew better than to ask Ms. Smith as this only results is screaming and her running around flapping her hands as she sprays spittle on everything in range.

So I called the water company. No, it had not been turned off – she just did not pay the bill. It was a couple of hundred dollars, so she could well have paid it with the largess you put out. But she didn't. And the curious non-appearance of the Jeep continues. Evidently, Ms. Smith puts in a call and her on call chauffeur appears with the Jeep to do her bidding. Other cars are also involved. I wonder how many of these she paid for? Excuse me, that you paid for.

I then called the electric company and found out that she ended her service that day and this would be turned off forthwith. Ditto with the gas company.

I have a badly disabled son. He has to have a place to sleep and basic necessities, for instance a bathroom he can navigate.

So, since it was clear Ms. Smith was moving immediately I put all the utilities in my name and made payments.

Let's see – she told all of you she has a farm house and 65 acres of land where she is going to start farming. But she needed a tiny bit of help to pay for the linoleum because she cannot bear to live in a house with a rug on the dining room floor, through that is what she has now and her early years were spent living in a chicken coop with her family, she once told me.

Ms. Smith once told me her rent is $600 a month. Maybe she lied, after all, she lies about everything. But that is what she told me. She could have bought this place for $30,000.

A surprise is coming for Ms. Smith which will make the coming year less fun for her.

Now, to the issue of Cheney's role in 9/11.

Clearly, the only people who had nothing to do with it are, or were, Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. Given how much Cheney enjoys torture he was probably on the spot and panting at Abu Ghraib.

Most people, if asked, would support Cheney for the title of Most Psychopathic, even ahead of any serial killer you can name or other NeoCons.

John Fund commented to us that there was a lot of excitement and happiness in Cheney's office as they were gathered up and bundled off, Cheney being sort of Second in Command, or virtual first in command.

Which reminded me of a little site I put up in 2007 which is, yes!, still there.

Short hiatus.

Now you can vote for the Most Psychopathic of a highly disordered bunch. Was ever an election more likely to yield a correct winner? This is an issue which could hurry the development of a new generation of fMRI technology so the answer could be reliably ascertained. Vote HERE

Enough. It is 2015, a new year for hammering NeoCon scum and their Brothers in Crime.

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