Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Where Did All the Minions Go?

To that much beloved favorite from the Sixties,  

Blowing In The Wind.
Appropriately Dedicated to Jeff Gordon of Atlanta!

Where have all the Trinkets gone - short time Passing........

Where have all the Trinkets gone -  a short time Ago.......

The Answer, my friend, be you stranger or kin......

The Answer is........storage without end.

Where did all the Minions go - short times passing........

Where did all the Minions go - a short time ago.......

The Answer, my friend, be you stranger or kin.....

The Answer is...... good times which never end.......

Where has all the  largess gone - short time passing.......

Where has all the largess gone - short times ago.......

The Answer, my friend, be you stranger or kin........

The Answer is.........have Hobie ask again! 

A Mild Comment

Last night the collection of truck and autos which cluster on the property disappeared.  Not even the Hosting Jeep was seen.  

Perhaps a coronation is being planned on Obergon and Princess Rayelan is about to be Queened.  Or maybe Rayelan, the Real Arch-Duchess of Austria has been recalled to her Throne, displacing the present fraudulent occupant.  

We await the extolling descriptions of the resulting celebrations.  

But  no loud and raucous voices were heard here into the wee hours of the night scheming, scheming, scheming.   

What contretemps erupted outside on the lawn this afternoon?  

What Further Dramas are in the offing?

Time answers all questions. 


  1. Well, well, well: The black widow claims she is moving....
    Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail] http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?noframes;read=5309
    Date: Wednesday, 3-Dec-2014 14:49:28

    I know everyone is having money problems right now. But without your help, I don't have enough money to pay for the server that hosts the Rumor Mill News website.

    That cost is $396.00

    Then there is the matter of the ad banners that pay Zapper. His salary is about a third of what it should be. And that is also true for me. The last deposit in my bank account from google adsense was so little that I actually thought they hadn't sent it for last month. Susoni and I split the google adsense banners, so if what I received was what she received, I know that she is hurting also... and this is Christmas, the season of giving... and the three admins of RMN have very little to give this Christmas season except for RMN. It is still up and running and I know it will continue to do so.

    I don't know how much hobie/Zapper needs. He wouldn't tell me, he said, "Let's worry about getting the server paid first." That's very hobie-ish.

    I had to pay bills this morning or face having my phones and water shut off. What I didn't count on was the electric bill that I paid weeks ago with my checking account debit card for $344.77 just cleared this morning. I thought it had cleared the very day I paid it. I didn't have $344.77 in the checking account, but my bank paid it anyway and now I need to deposit $308.62 to keep from having to pay a $35.00 overdraft fee on each item that comes in.

    As hobie/zapper said, "Let's worry about the server first." Without the server, all of us lose.

    After we have $400.00 in the Fundrazr widget and the server is paid, then we can worry about mbank overdraft and raising enough extra to allow Zapper/hobie and Susoni to have a little extra this Christmas season.

    Sorry I don't have time to proof this... I'm moving and one of my movers is here and I need to talk with him.

    You know where the widget is... on the upper left side.

    Thank you so very much for everything!! The nicest people read RM

  2. Let's hope this time she means it - though it will probably take her until 2016.

    That must have been Tom she is talking about. Do you think those nice RM Readers will every wise up?

  3. Nope, there is no hope for the lemmings that donate while thanking her for all she does. If she needs money she should have a yard sale, but that is so much more work than (dia)lying for dollars, or better yet having hobie do it for her. No mention of her ill health in this missive, must be saving it for the next one.

    1. Doubtless true. And she probably thinks moving will end this. Ha. Ha.

    2. Why she or Anyone would think that we should cover overdraft fees is just ridiculous. She pays a $344 bill with a debit card and thinks it's been debited, then goes on spending? Sounds like there is such a large balance in there that there are no worries! sheesh
      So what's going on today MPF?