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RECAP – Who is Raylan Allen, AKA Darlene Rae Smith and what is really happening here?

(Sorry for the length of this – but it is important to occasionally add more context and background for complete understanding.)

Ms. Smith's problems are not as she presents them. This is to be expected since as a disordered individual she lives in a fabric of lies which all too often break down and leave her exposed, if you care to notice. 
This is why she insisted on being 'anonymous' where she lives to keep her quasi-heroic persona, a complete fabrication, believable.

With the exception of Angel she had practically no contact with anyone who knows about the world of the internet and the relationships forged there. The Internet is a perfect place to spin fantasy lives and engage in behavior which would be immediately debunked if it was taking place in the 'real world.'

My acquaintanceship with Ms. Smith forced me to examine many of my assumptions about the real world, the Internet, and the rise of consciousness, in which we are all engaged.

For a long time I rejected much of what I now accept as true. These truths are always subject to expanded understanding. More information and experiences become available regularly and each of us who is committed to expanding our consciousness must question our present understanding and be willing to see a finer truth.  

This transition in thought was hard for me to make because I started my intellectual life as an atheist and categorized all religious ideas as mythology.  I believed these were displaced by science and objective fact.

At the same time many people in what I still think of as the Wu-Wu sector tried, and continue to try, to sell me ideas which are not supported by my direct and immediate experiences. 

All arguments based on 'higher authority' strike me as flawed. 

When in doubt I weigh my experiences over assertions which generally appear to be cobbled together from multiple interpretive sources.

The Unexplained Change In My Body

When I first moved to Ohio I experienced what I first believed was some kind of problem which was causing me intense pain, confusion, weight gain, and other symptoms. Nothing described from conventional medicine I found on line could explain these.

I could not raise my arms above my head without intense pain. I was continually nauseated. I could not bear the weight of my purse slung over my shoulder. I lost complete control of my balance. 

Reflecting on this later it suddenly struck me that Ms. Smith evidenced no concern even though the weight gain took me from a size 6 - 8 to a size 20 in just four months.  In fact, far from showing concern she seemed gleeful.  

One of my associates, who provides analysis on toxic waste exposure ascertained toxic conditions could not be the issue.  Dave is not Wu-Wu. He is an expert witness, qualified by the courts to testify on the issues of toxic waste and its impacts.  He was the expert witness for the case involving Ecuador, heard several years ago.  

His career as a geologist and specialist in the toxic waste from oil products spanned high level employment with all the major oil companies before he left, turning his back on his accrued benefits and the likelihood for much more of the same, in 1996. Returning to the US from Malaysia he joined Green Peace. If you have read my book GREED – The NeoConning of America, published in 2004 with a new version out today, he is Bernard.  

It was not medical. What could it be, as asked myself? After exhausting all possibilities I found references on line to Deep-Feeding PsiVampires. Much of what I found as ways to immunize myself was pure hokum, wasting time and money.

After further research on psivampires and the history existing in Biblical text and other ancient sources I decided to begin looking at these sources as possibly having a basis in fact.

Eventually, I was lead to accept, as theory, that psivampires existed. The characteristics ascribed to psychopaths and sociopaths are identical to those ascribed to psivampires without the energy related issue. 

Then I realized I had experienced the symptoms before, always in the company of someone I came to see what disordered.   

I came up with a regimen which worked and which lead me to a renewed interest in quantum physics, which I had first encountered while researching methods for rehabilitation for my son's brain injuries. These were few and far between as proven to work until more started to surface as proven and in use and available around 2009.

Today these, all energy based, (quantum) can be added to hyperbaric therapies. See for more on this.

I believe, on the evidence, Ms. Smith is herself  demonic, the offspring of a fallen angel produced by the interbreeding of women with the Legion brought to Earth by Lucifer at the time of the Fall.

I use the traditional characterization of events from ancient documents but when these are examined through the lens of quantum physics and the nature of consciousness I believe there will be new insights providing more of the back story.

What appears to be a conflict may have been placement for events planned out for a purpose not accessible when operating within the limitation of perceived time.

Ms. Smith's Position

She made a very real mis-step in asking me to come back here. All evidence points to this being part of a plan to get me off my base of support in California so I could be 'handled' with fewer complications by the well-heeled group of individuals who want to shut me up. 

Saddam Hussein and 9/11 - The Unexpected Connection 

The disordered cooperate when they have common goals but also are likely to abandon each other when it becomes clear this is in their best interest. The more intelligent disordered always have exit strategies to immunize them.

Ms. Smith does not seem to be one of these.

It was a real struggle for me to learn how to cope with the constant sucking of energy and interference with my neurological system but I have made enormous gains toward regaining complete control.

I believe Ms. Smith's reluctance to move comes from knowing I understand exactly what has been happening and will make this known to many people. If she leaves she knows the information will be forthcoming and she will have lost possibility of controlling a conduit for information which will be devastating to her personally.

I have long experience with ensuring the cost of harming me will be far harder on those who are responsible than they will be on me.

Steps have already been taken and the response would be something which would end every fantasy Ms. Smith has ever had.

But fantasies will do her no good. She needs to confront the need to seek forgiveness, make real restitution, and accept salvation (acceptance of her latent higher consciousness, conscience and empathy) , something which I am sure terrifies her.

Who Ms. Smith is.

I believe as a young child she was subjected to mind manipulation by the CIA, probably arranged by her father for money.Since she has said this herself to numerous people it would be impossible for her to refute, given available testimony.  

In response to this she constructed the high-flown fantasies she retails on RMN but remains, emotionally, about eight years of age.  Her entire affect reverts to this age when she is frightened.  If you close your eyes and 'see' her she even looks child-like.  

So, she claims she was not a snitch for the government but an innocent only trying to do the right thing.

She was not paid for having sex with individuals who were targeted by the CIA but just following up personal opportunities and the impulse of her heart.

Today, she has been recycled into her role at RMN.

She was useful for this work because she was trained for it. She was victimized as a child but her own past life recollections do not speak for her essential decency.  And nothing excuses continuing to prey on others, either lying for money (online panhandling) or stealing energy.   She can also have no excuse for taking on the task of torturing me with the intention of bringing about my death.  I shudder to think of what would have happened to my son if she had succeeded.  

The Porcupine Defense 

In 2001 I placed in the hands of six individuals, four off shore, two on shore, information which would still, today, be destructive to those involved in the events documented. I kept no copies myself and the materials from the several individuals, from which these were complied, were destroyed as well. One of these sources was my estranged daughter, Morgan, obtained by her during her relationship with John Fund.


Ms. Smith lurks around the bottom of the stairs, her preferred location for sucking energy.

Ms. Smith spends long periods of time away from the house.During those times I do not experience the sensation of being drained.  

Today Ms. Smith had her minion-flunky, XXXX removed the seating from the porch so my son could not go out there to smoke. Jim Heath, Ms. Smith's familiar whatever, smokes in the house.

I promptly provided a couple of chairs from the local thrift shop and a small stand, photographing these after placing them. 

Arthur's Smoking Place

In the End Times Lucifer's legion, it is written,  will be confronted with the choice of accepting salvation.  Accepting salvation includes acceptance of the evil the demon has done in life.  Going through this process forces the demon to experience all of the outrages, pain, fear, and desperation they have inflicted.  Then, restitution is made, soul to soul.  

Either this or the endlessness of damnation.  This is described as being consigned to the never-ending gnashing of teeth and fire of the Pit. I think the description minimizes the horrors which await the demon who does not turn to the Creator.  

Ms. Smith is well on her way to this end.

This may be metaphor or it may be literal. Clearly, the disordered are not making the transition which is going forward with those of us who have consciences and empathy, these being the means by which we become One.

Please excuse the length of this post.

And may your lives be Light.

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