Thursday, December 18, 2014

Keeping Track of the status quo.

Locks, doors and the Jim and Darlene Show 

Ms. Smith had been issued a key to the church so she could let people in for her beading class.  The assembled would assemble jewelry from parts brought by Ms. Smith and others.  

In a moment of happy fancy it was named The Saint Beading Group.   For a short time it met regularly.  Some items made there were sold in the book store resulting in an accumulated donation to the church of $35.00. 

Having a key to the church is taken very seriously by the Vestry.  These is a short training and a letter is signed confirming the individual will be responsible for the key and under no circumstances allow anyone else to use it.

Because there is a cost when the police or fire department comes if the alarm is set off this is not a minor matter.  

Ms. Smith gave her key to Jim.  The alarm went off because he was not trained.  

Soon afterward Jim stopped coming to church, soon followed by Ms. Smith.  I was in the church preparing for the yearly rummage sale when Ms. Smith finally, after some prodding, appeared to reclaim the copious supplied she had stored there for the Saint Beading Group, then defunct.

This is a high crime area.  Keeping doors locked is standard procedure. 

The door in question does not lead to any place of habitation but that which I occupy with my son.  Imagine for a moment a home invader trying to get past the tiny bit of Ms. Smith's junk pictured above.  

Leaving it intentionally unlocked invites physical harm to myself and my son.   Since a signal maliciousness has been very prominent in her behavior for a long time now this is not a surprise but steps must be taken.  

Now, when is Ms. Smith going to use the money so generously given to her by RMN Readers and move?  When and if this happens rest assured she will have spent every cent on her many minions and other expensive habits. 

December 17, 2014 
Door had been checked and was locked.

December 18, 2014
Both locks of the front door were unlocked at 3:15am when I went down to look.  I relocked them.  

Jim Heath and Ms. Smith are downstairs and either could have unlocked the door.   Others could also be down there.  Think of it as a sort of commune attuned to the needs of Ms. Smith for an audience, which are many.  


  1. Oh My Goodness, THAT picture is insane, even if one is "moving".
    So I got up this morning, opened RMN and see the "fund" has not increased. Golly, what shall we do? Scroll down a little and be impressed. ALL the excuses are here today! "I'm overdrawn, I'm sick, my dog is sick, my overstaying houseguest runs up bills, I have NO jewelry to sell, I'm sick again, I'm moving, the new place needs work." Anything left out? Is no one going to suggest to her that she get a little apartment with normal kind of expenses? (since there are storage units), because the "new" place seems a tad bit more than a 65 year old could handle?
    So very sad.

  2. Correction: Ms. Smith turned 66 last May so will soon be 67, Let us not contemplate what the basement looks like. The accumulation in the former entryway has nothing to do with moving as there was quite a pile before she started the faux move. What shall we call it - Moving for Money - Keep it going and the cash will be flowing!

    You are all too correct. This is the time of life when we divest and simplify so as not to leave an appalling chore for those who care enough to clean up after us. Why does she need multiple minions to sit around, go out to dinner with her, and listen to her talk? Now, I can tell you that is torture. She repeats herself on the only subject which interests her, Rayelan the Magnificent, over and over again.